Argument Essay These days cell phones are everywhere. Everyone feels like they need to be on their phone all of the time even when they are driving. Unfortunately, drivers are not able to fully concentrate on driving while they are on the phone. Using cellphones while driving should not be allowed because It causes more accidents, and because Its not safe for adults or kids. Bus drivers should not be able to use their cellphones while they are driving. That puts the kids in harms way, and them too.

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One study says that “13 percent of drivers ge 18-20 Involved In car wrecks admitted to texting while driving”. Other studies says that ” 77 percent of young adults are very or somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving and 55 percent of young adult drivers claim it’s easy to text while drive”. It’s says that 48 percent of young drivers have seen their parents text while driving”. Then ” 15 percent of young seen their parents texting while driving”. Then ” 48 percent of kids ages 12-17 have been in a car while in a cВ«. see it constantly while I’m driving, and almost every time the person texting doesn’t notice he light change, starts to swerve into the other lane, or almost hits another car. If the decision to text while drMng Is too enticing, the phone should be placed out of sight, such as in the glove box. Getting from one place to another in Springfield at most would take 30 minutes. No person should be completely attached to texting that a 30 minute break is unbearable. Another important point is the fact that texting while behind the wheel does not only affect you.

It takes two cars to crash, and Injuries could happen to someone other than you. n the road, drivers hold the lives of other drivers and passengers around them. There is no way a random stranger deserves to be hurt or die because another driver yearns to check how many likes a picture or tweet gets. ln Missouri, texting while driving under

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21 Is against the law, and It Is essential to remember the reasons that law was put in place. It is a question of whether sending a message while driving is worth it. Are we really so desperate that we cannot wait to answer back “k,”or send a smiley face emoji?

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