Th Hunger Games

The Hunger Games The book starts out in Panem where it once was North America. Panem is a TV dominated dictatorship that is ruled by the Capitol. Panem is divided into twelve districts. Every year, Panem hosts a yearly game, the hunger games. The hunger games consist of twenty four tributes, one male and one female from each district, age twelve to eighteen. The twelve tributes are chosen by lottery and are placed in a arena to fight for there life. Only one lucky winner could win the hunger games.

The main protagonist, Katniss Everdeen sacrifices her life in place of her sister which was chosen to be a tribute into the hunger games. With more complication, Peeta Mellark, a baker’s son was also chosen into the hunger games. With Peeta in the hunger games with Katniss, this brings this story into a nerve racking tension, thrilling action, and engaging love story. Through out the story Katniss learns how to survive in the game and comes across decisions that could end her life. The game creators exposes harmful events into the arena that brings the tributes together to kill one another for the survival of the game.

Katniss chooses to be independent during the games which would help her kill the other tributes one by one with out any guilt. With Peeta in the games, Katniss struggles and her successful plans fail, which brings Katniss into another brainstorming situation. Throughout the game, situations becomes more tighter and thinking of what to do next was not a choice. At the end of the story all tight ends becomes loose but situations begins to ravel up again between Katniss and another important character. This bearing ties up the first book but it introduces the next book of The Hunger Games series.

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