Thank Me Later by Drake

8 August 2019

Drizzy Drake Rogers, inarguably the hottest new rapper out there, has taken the hip-hop industry by storm with innumerable mix tapes and his latest studio album, “Thank Me Later.” This could be considered his first album because “So For Gone” was basically a mix tape stripped down to make an album.

Drake represents well for young artists with this album. It’s very laid-back and clever – not something you want to party to like a rock star, but instead ride around with or just listen to when you want to chill. The standouts are easily “Find Your Love,” “Over,” and “Up All Night.”

“Miss Me” was over-hyped because when it came out, Lil Wayne was in jail, and when fans saw he was featured on it, everyone wanted to know what he had to say. Some songs I like include “Fireworks,” “Light Up,” “Shut It Down.” I’m warming up to “Unforgettable” and “Thank Me Now.”

Though Drake’s album is very well produced and written, it has flaws. I don’t care what anyone says, Drake can’t sing! Just because you hit the note doesn’t mean you can sing. After listening to Drake for a while he can get boring because he sounds monotone and there isn’t a lot of energy or soul. But Drake gets better with time.

Overall, “Thank Me Later” is one of the few albums I would recommend.

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