Thank you, Harry

5 May 2019

I believe in magic. That it’s everywhere: in the little things that happen all the time that make me smile and make my day, and in the once-in-a-lifetime events. I believe that you’re never too old for anything. That a fantasy world filled with wands and charms can come to life inside your head and make your eyes light up, no matter what age you are. And I believe that a fictional friend who was loyal to you for seven years can leave a lasting impact on you.
I was there through it all; midnight book releases and midnight movie premieres. I dressed up on many occasions and even made my own wand. I became entranced by a world filled with potions, strange creatures, and a certain wizard that goes by the name of Harry Potter. He has had an influence on my life for the past nine years. That may sound silly, but after reading all the books and seeing all the movies multiple times, I can’t help but consider Harry a friend. He invited me into his life and allowed me to share in his adventures, from conquering the basilisk to sending his kids off for their first year at Hogwarts. I grew up with him, and as my college years approach, I know that Harry will remain with me.
I remember getting wrapped up in his stories for the first time, my eyes lighting up and my imagination expanding with every new spell learned. His world was filled with wonder, and I just kept reading and reading. Pretty soon, reading was one of my favorite things to do, and everything seemed to be filled with wonder. Harry gave me a new perspective on life. The wonder I was filled with while reading extended into my everyday life. I started looking for all the places where magic would be hidden. Not the wands and spells magic, I knew better than that, but the everyday magic hidden in those tiny details that are sometimes underappreciated.
And I found it. In the Papermate mechanical pencil that writes smoothly, making homework enjoyable. In the feeling I get from spending a day with extended family. And in the delight I feel while organizing my new North Face backpack before school starts. These minor details seem completely uneventful and even unimportant, but they’ve made their mark one smile at a time. I believe that is what magic is all about. And that’s what Harry has done for me for the past nine years. He brightens my spirits one chapter at a time and allows my inner child to come out, as he has done for every loyal reader out there. Thanks to Harry and his courage and bravery, I believe anything is possible. I believe magic can be found everywhere. And I believe in Harry Potter, because he has taught me to believe in myself. So thank you, Harry. Thank you for a new outlook and appreciation. Thank you for the magic.

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