Thank You, Tubigon

3 March 2019

Crying boisterously like a new born baby, I ran towards my mama. Her big black eyes widened in exasperation; her eyebrows crossed like a war is about to happen. I knew the moment she secretly dressed herself up, she’s not bringing with me at all. Perseverant as I was, while she was already a foot away from the outside waiting shed of our recently painted gate, clasping her feet, I begged for her to bring me.

It was a scorching afternoon. The sun shone like it has never shone before. People were too busy. Appearing like mushrooms everywhere, the many traders and merchants were not distracted by the fact that apart from their bunch of products, many people passing from here to there were very carelessly choosing and rumbling those products. After all, it was the weekly ‘’tabo’’ of the town of Tubigon. Little commotions were normal. Busy streets were okay. Everything was tolerable.

Thank You, Tubigon Essay Example

For a 10-year old child, those knowledge were a gift already.

Known for its highly developed community, Tubigon was a center of industrialization. From being an oblivious little kid, to a conscious young teen, I was a living witness of how Tubigon was molded into perfection. Walking like I was the mayor of the town, I navigated around the place. I was amazed by the quick reflection of urbanization. I dazzled in awe. In the far corner from the town plaza resides the once small ‘’sari-sari’’ store, now a 2-storey convenient store. Beside it was a vacant lot before, but now a private school.The town plaza itself perhaps lost its mellowness with the contemporary designs in its blocks surrounding its very premise; it perhaps gained a new life. Things have really changed a lot: it was as if in just a blink of an eye.
While enchantment filled me in, I almost did not notice the immense brand sign which stands among the high posts and buildings around the town- the McDonald’s. It might just be a normal fast-food chain in any other cities, but for a town like Tubigon which is still in the process of development, it is but a stepping stone. I did not get inside; instead, I asked myself: Is it really a stepping stone? Or could there be a drawback? Nonetheless, happiness and excitement outweigh my illusions.

I let those illusions passed me as hunger took over my body. Agitated on the thoughts of food, I ran towards my all-time favorite “halo-halo” store. As I enjoyed eating, realizations seemed to whisper in my ears, waiting for me to contemplate about it. Only then I understood: development is like a “halo-halo”; there are ingredients or mixtures that you don’t like, and along the way, you will get used it. But no matter how you dislike those ingredients or mixtures, the taste of sweetness will constantly prevail.

It appears that Tubigon has molded my critical thinking abilities. Its development towards globalization seems to craft me into a person seeking for one’s self-development, too. Its achievements inspire me a lot to dream more and work harder to make those dreams a reality, one after the other. My intense aspiration to succeed has finally taken over my doubts. I thank Tubigon for helping me out towards realizing my goals in life!

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