Thanks giving Dinner

8 August 2016

Many people yearn for various types of holiday events. These events may be in the summer, fall, winter, or spring time. Some find carving a pumpkin exciting, others enjoy hunting for eggs delightful, and even wearing green to be suspenseful. Considering the fact these are very popular holiday events, there is one I enjoy the most. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite holiday event, because I enjoy setting the table, reuniting with family members, and eating all the delicious food.

First, to initially start this gathering, I enjoy setting the table while dinner is being cooked. Nevertheless, the preparation time takes about five hours. For years, it has been a tradition for me to set the table. First, I place the burnt orange table cloth on the Maplewood table. Then I get the dinnerware out of the china cabinet. After washing the silverware, plates and cups, I place them in the correct order on the table. Lastly, I set the centerpiece on the table for the final touches. The table is now ready to be eaten on.

Thanks giving Dinner Essay Example

The process of setting the table helps me feel helpful, and it makes Thanksgiving one of the best holidays because that is one less thing my mother and grandmother have to worry about. Next, reuniting with my family members during holiday events is always breath taking. Around this time, the seasoned and the new family members, come around and give an update of the latest news. This is where all the emotions take place. Sometimes, there is laughter and maybe even crying, but at the end of the day, there is always joy.

Therefore, I would never trade hearing stories that have been passed down throughout our generations. Some of the stories taught me lessons, while others made me proud. However, it leaves me with a smile on my face. For this reason, being reunited with my family makes Thanksgiving Dinner so rare because that is when the whole family gathers around instead of the immediate family. Finally, it is now time for me and my family members to eat all of the delicious food my grandmother has prepared.

Each year my grandmother makes my favorite meal. As a matter of fact, she made it large enough for everybody to take a plate home. This meal consists of turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese, yams, and dressing. Her specialty is greens and cornbread. My grandmother also makes plenty of dessert. Even though I may be full, I reach for another bite, knowing my eyes are bigger than my stomach. After it is all said and done my stomach is happy. My grandmother’s cooking is just like a food paradise.

I like the food at Thanksgiving more than the food at other holidays because it seems more as a feast than a regular dinner. To close, Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite holiday event because I enjoy setting the table. Also, reuniting with my family members brings joy to my heart. Finally, eating all the delicious food my grandmother prepared leaves me and my stomach with a big smile. Therefore, these are the reasons Thanksgiving Dinner is my favorite holiday event.

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