That Feeling…

3 March 2019

Their jaws drop as slivers of smoldering sweat slide down their necks. Their hands begin to clench, pain vibrating through their bones from the strength but ignored in favor of what is going on in front of them. Tears surprisingly yet unsurprisingly begin to toy with the edges of the man’s eyes, his girlfriend’s eyes following suit after stealing a glance at his. The air is thick with silence brought upon by a purposely composed post-climax. Jack has closed his eyes, it is the end, and people everywhere are left feeling, quite literally, lost.

But how could they not?

That Feeling… Essay Example

There is nothing else to do, after all. Six years, six seasons, one hundred and twenty one episodes and one is left feeling accomplished, cheated, exasperated, content, depressed, baffled, and just plain there all at once. If you haven’t caught on, this feeling I am speaking of was brought upon millions by a show called Lost by J.J. Abrams. I know because I felt it. Better put, I experienced it. Trust me, when you’re crying like a maniac and searching for the meaning of “life after Lost” you know it is an experience and not just a moment of overreaction.

I want to make people experience that moment of complete otherworldliness. I want to be able to take an idea about anything whatsoever that I please and present it to someone in a way that they will not only grasp the idea, take it for what it is and move on; but so that they will actually have learned something and grown in a way that will make their lives richer in even the most miniscule of ways. To be able to impact people in a way that benefits them specifically or society as a whole is the mind-boggling feat that, after meticulously analyzing and overanalyzing the purpose of my educational and personal journeys, I have always concluded I will accomplish.

The route to this achievement has always been the final piece in my puzzle of life that I could never quite place. My creative endeavors had early on led me to believe that somehow I could fulfill this goal by simply drawing something pretty or writing an intriguing short story that elicited a response from three transparent usernames. But, as I grew, I realized how oddly visual I am. Seeing doesn’t always have to be believing, but it sure does help. I want to tell stories that change the world by making people grow, even just a little. I want to do this on the grandest visual medium of all- film.

Well, for now. I have also told myself that I can change this world through words, since I have always had an affinity for making people comfortable enough with me to discuss their innermost feelings about life and ‘the big picture’. But who knows? I don’t. I am just a teenager, after all. I don’t know if I will ever solve the world’s most challenging mathematical equations. Nor do I know if I will ever fly to the moon. I do not know if you will ever see me on your television screen or instead building homes for the underprivileged. What I do know is that I will change this world. You will be affected by me, directly or indirectly. People will remember me wherever I go. I will leave a legacy behind in this world that my great grandchildren will be proud of. I will change this world, and it will be for the better.

Film or no film, I will leave people lost and found.

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