The 140 Marketing terms you must know

5 May 2017

The most visible part of a communication program for the end consumer. Uses mass media channels such as press, bill boards, radio, TV and cinema. See also Below the line. Advertiser A company that uses advertising as a strategic tool to build its business. The advertiser most often works with an Advertising Agency. Advertising Agency The advertiser’s first communication partner. Designs campaigns that run in press, TV, billboards, radio, cinema and online. 2 Key departments are Strategic Planning, Account Management, Creative and Production.

Account Director The client contact at the advertising agency: – briefs the right agency resources – sells the agency work – oversees the account profitability Adaptation work All translations, modifications and specific implementation ideas that will make a global campaign work locally to full effect. Agency Briet The crucial meeting (and document) in which the Advertiser communicates its business and communication objectives to the agency. 3 App A simple piece of software designed for a specific use and purpose for the end user.

The 140 Marketing terms you must know Essay Example

Mainly for mobile digital devices (smart phones and tablets). Art Buyer The person who finds the third party talents ho will design the final print and TV ads (photographer, film director, illustrator… ). She also negociates all the production quotes and royalties. Art Director The “eye” of the creative team. In particular is in charge for the look & feel of the campaign. (see also Copy Writer) 4 Below the line The less visible part of a communication program for the end consumer. Uses more targeted channels such as trade publications, direct mail, emailing or even in store activities.

See also Above the line. Benchmarking The learning process that goes through the study of the best practices from the past or rom the brand’s competitors. 5 Benefit The essence of what the brand promises to its consumers that can change their lives in a positive way. See also Brand Promise Big Idea An outstanding creative idea never seen betore, that connects witn consumers and is true to the brand. Body copy The small type text in a press ad that explains in more detail the attributes and benefits of the product or service advertised.

See also Headline. Bottom up Any user generated communication piece that will have an impact on the brand perception (e. g. blogs, forums, word of mouth). See also Top down. 6 Brand Awareness The percentage of the population who know the brand by name and can associate it with the right product category. Brand Book The brand “Bible”. The document that sums up the brand: its vision, pyramid, and its visual and creative guidelines. The purpose is to ensure that every future communication piece respects the values and the formal identity of the brand.

Brand Character Describes the brand personality and the type of relationship it has with its consumers as if it were a person. 7 Brand Equity The differential effect that brand knowledge has on customer response to brand marketing activity. Brand Generated Content Content that is 100% generated by the brand Marketing department or by the agency, as opposed to User Generated Content. Brand Premium The price difference consumers are prepared to pay for a branded product vs a very similar product unbranded or from another brand. Brand Promise The rational or emotional benefit the brand stands for.

Should always be consistent with the brand vision. 8 Brand Vision The brand’s ultimate ambition and why it is irreplaceable. The vision explains and Justifies the brand’s present and future initiatives. BTB Communication Any communication piece that addresses a business constituency of the brand, eg a ustomer, a supplier or a partner. BTBTC Communication Any communication piece intended for both to the business partner and the end-consumer that will facilitate the selling protocol (e. g. window displays, demonstration kits, etc.. ).

BTC Communication Any communication piece directly addressed to the end-consumer. 9 Budget (Production/ Media) The financial provisions made by the advertiser to support the costs of its marketing and advertising campaigns. Buzz Literally a “murmur”. An intriguing communication piece that generates a “word of mouth”. The goal is to turn consumers into a free media for the brand. Also called Viral Marketing. 10 c Call to action Any communication piece that generates a positive change in the consumer’s behaviour (e. g. visit the web site, make an inquiry, visit a store,… Campaign The implementation program that will make the creative idea come to life through all the relevant touch points with the consumers (offline, online, POP… ). Challenge (in the brief) Explains what behavior or mindset change the advertiser wants to create on consumers through the new communication program. 11 Challenger Brand A brand with a strong and relevant point of difference yet without the stature, nowledge, and esteem of a Powerbrand. Claim An advertising statement that sums up the product performance or benefit. Competitive analysis/Copy review The analysis of the past advertising and results of a brand vs its competitors.

Concept A short paragraph describing how the brand wishes to present itself through its products or services to appeal to consumers. Connect The brand’s ability to get closer emotionally to each and every consumer. 12 Copy Strategy See Creative Brief Copy Writer The “pen” of the creative team – more specifically in charge of the headlines, signature and body copy. (see also Artistic Director) Cost controller Independent expert appointed by the advertiser to check the quotes and optimize production budgets. Creative Awards Yearly prize giving ceremony that distinguishes the most creative campaigns and agencies.

The best known and prestigious Awards are the Cannes Lions. (See also Effie Awards) 13 Creative Brief Also called Copy Strategy. The “contract” that articulates what is expected from the creative campaign, what it must communicate (benefit, reason why), and to whom (core target). Creative Director Head of the agency creative department. Accountable for the quality of the work and he creative reputation of the agency. Creative Journey The total creative process from the initial concept writing to the local implementation of the campaign. Usually takes approximately 10 months. 4 Creative Presentation The meeting in which the advertising agency presents its different creative proposals for the future campaign. All decision makers on the agency and client side should be present. Creative Selection Always the client’s call. When the decision is taken to go forward with one idea among the different creative proposals presented by the agency. Creative Team In general a Copy Writer and an Artistic Director. Together they come up with the creative idea that answers best the creative brief. Their work is approved by the Creative Director. 5 Ditterence (brand) Any ownable attribute that makes a brand unique. The #1 of the four building blocks ofa Powerbrand. Digital Media The various platforms and channels (websites or Social Media) a Brand uses on the Internet Disruption Advertising method originally created by JeanMarie Dru of TBWA. Its core belief is that the strongest brands have established themselves 16 by breaking all pre-existing conventions on their market. DO’S & DONTS Formal guidelines of what should always and lso what should never happen in any piece of advertising developed for the brand (e. g. fonts, colors, logo placement,… . Part of the Brand Book. 17 Effie Awards distinguishes the top business building campaigns and agencies. (see also Creative Awards). Endorsement A third party explicit support that improves the brand’s credibility (eg a celebrity, an expert, a group of consumers.. ) Esteem (Brand) Measures to which degree consumers are proud of buying and of using the brand. The #4 of the four building blocks of a 18 Fee (agency) The financial compensation paid by the advertiser to its advertising agency. Negociated by contract most often on a yearly basis. Also based on an agreed Scope of Work (SOW).

EMOT (or ZMOT) First (Zero) Moment Of Truth – P&G concept. The very short lapse of time in which a shopper in a store makes up his/her mind about a product or a brand. 19 Gatekeeper Someone from the advertiser organization with the power to approve or stop the process at any given stage of the development of the creative campaign. Generic Anything can be claimed by any player in a given category. Cannot be owned by any brand. GRP Media measurement unit on a given target audience that combines the average reach 20 nd the number of occasions to be exposed to an advertisement (reach x frequency).

Gut feeling The initial reaction a Marketeer should always have when first exposed to an ad. The more spontaneous, the better. 21 Headline The line at the head ofa press or poster ad that it supposed to catch the attention of the viewer. See also Body Copy. Hemisphere right/left Refers to how our brain works. The right Hemisphere is the most intuitive one, the left Hemisphere is the most analytical. Ag campaign should speak to both hemispheres. Impact A metric of the ability for an ad or a campaign to get noticed and remembered immediately y the target audience.

Incentive (agency) Any reward that generates the motivation to go the “extra mile”. Money is one. Recognition is another. Insight A consumer related truth. It should always be the starting point to develop new products or to conceive an effective communication strategy. The Strategic Planner can help brands to identify untapped insights. Judgment (Creative) There are 7 criteria to Judge a creative campaign: 1. Is ita big idea? 2. Is it on equity? 3. Does it communicate the benefit? 4. Is it simple? 5. Does it connect? 6. Is it distinctive and recognizable? 7. Is it easy to implement? 24

Kit (communication) The different creative pieces of a campaign put together for the local markets to adapt according to their specific needs and requirements. Knowledge (Brand) The consumer’s clear understanding of what the brand stands tor. Intimate Knowledge is the #3 of the four building blocks of a 25 KOL Key Opinion Leader. Has the credibility, expertise or fame to be a decisive influencer on a group of consumers. Key Performance Indicators. Pre-selected criteria to help assess and monitor the results ofa campaign. 26 Layout In advertising a piece of creative presentation material in the form of a drawing on a board.

Has the same meaning as Mock up. Lead Agency The agency in charge of the strategy and central work on behalf on an international client. Its role is also to coordinate the work of the local agencies and monitor the account profitability for the network. 27 Mandatories Defined in the Agency Brief. For eg media selection, formats, cultural traps, graphic guidelines, different languages… Indispensable before the creative team start working on the brief.

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