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10 October 2017


Politicians. Executive and Judiciary are supposed to be the pillars of democracy. The ulterior two do service for a fixed period. and retire on achieving retirement age. No so with the politician. He is at that place for a limited period of 4-5 old ages. He gives certain promises on the footing of the election pronunciamento of the party to which he belongs and is supposed to work hard and with inaugural to carry through those promises. as otherwise he may non win the following election. The life of a politician is capable to assorted force per unit areas and pulls. and therefore he can non take his ain determinations.

He needs to take attention of so many involvements. and so many persons who had helped him during the election run. Geting the party nomination for the election is non an easiest of the occupations.Tonss of behind the scene activities go on and the ‘Kingmakers’ manage the decisive say from choice of the party campaigners and subsequent running of the personal businesss of the Government. With no legal holiness for their position. yet they exercise enormous control in all countries of disposal. act upon all major determinations with sheer use and money-power.

Some have a mission in life. some exist to gain committee! In any endeavor their premier inquiry is. ‘what is my cut? ’ The character Moses in the book “The Power Broker” by Robert Caro. is non the scriptural personality. He is the single with rock-ribbed attitudes and his playing field is political relations. concern and the related countries. New York City is the epicentre of his clandestine yet unfastened activities. This book. in position of the nature of its contents demands a alone categorization. It contains the be-all and end-all of the life regulating the New York City. What happens in New York affects other metropoliss of USA as good. and those in the similar profession ( of securities firm ) . learn lessons from the execution accomplishment of Moses.

He ‘ruled’ New York City for half a century. That shows the grit. bravery and finding of the adult male. though he was runing on the darker side. and his actions were full of negativenesss. What are the loopholes in the operation of democracy in USA-ask Moses! He made jeer of the disposal. regulations and ordinances and even the constitutional commissariats. in his chase of aggrandisement of wealth. The book has been hailed as the greatest 1 on New York City. and it is a utile usher and analyze stuff for the contriver. reformist and the politician—especially the later. if at all one thinks that serious survey is necessary in money-making political relations.

Moses influenced and shaped the twentieth-century New York. He was the uncrowned King and lived like an emperor. The jobs faced by the New York City. the urban diminution. are the direct result of the physical construction that he built for the metropolis. He personally completed public plants charging to 27 billion dollars and he is hailed as the greatest builder USA has of all time known. The “Powerful Chairs” . ( politicians and administrative officials ) did the command of this “Chair less Power” He was the 4th arm of the Government. Governors and Mayors knelt before him. He influenced and mobilized to his command. contractors. Bankss. insurance houses. labour brotherhoods etc.

The imperativeness stood of all time ready to compel him. write in his favour and the Church leading prayed for his public assistance. He converted the Church into an economic force. He did all this. without being of all time elected to any office of place or power. His bitterest enemy. Franklin D. Roosevelt could non command him. Merely Nelson Rockefeller stood up to him. for he was as powerful and ruthless in humbling the antagonists. That it took 1162 pages of a gigantic book to state most of the issues related to Robert Moses gives the indicant of the extended web of his influence. So to state. the book contains many mini-biographies and inside informations all the of import developments that happened to the metropolis of New York.

Moses began good. Initially. he was a true public retainer and a reformist ; anybody would wish to emulate his qualities. But he did non keep that place for really long. instead he could non! They say. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts perfectly! He intentionally faulted on the contracts that he took and became both celebrated and corrupt. He had a curious manner of operation and the uneven planning paid rich dividends to him. His typical maneuver was to plan a mammoth pubic work. undervalue the budget. and win the contract in his favour.

Halfway through the undertaking. he would sham a mock resignation. deficit of financess. gyrating monetary values and all such excuses—and no politician would wish an uncomplete undertaking in his constituency. He will so hold his manner. financess will flux and the undertaking is completed. The hero’s portion of finishing a hard undertaking will besides be to his recognition. The people will believe how Robert Moses fought against all odds and completed the undertaking. The helpful Press– the obliged press– will compel him at the important occasion to acquire public understanding!

Robert Caro. depict how Robert Moses was an first-class public dealingss adult male. As a testimonial to apogee to his accomplishments and the overruling influence in the development of the New York City. the 1964 Words Fair in the metropolis published a guidebook that provided the inside informations of his achievements and his amazing building art. Children studied his life-history. as his workss became portion of the course of study covering the history of New York. He was such an first-class public dealingss adult male. and knew about the right issues the populace should cognize about his undertakings. at the right clip. His public relation catchs were subsequently adopted by the metropolis Mayor King Rudy to command and act upon public sentiment through the print and electronic media.

Robert Caro takes up the issues related to the historical growing of the American metropoliss. He sees them as chances gained every bit good as chances lost. The metropoliss should hold been gratifying. and habitable topographic points of the 20Thursdaycentury. but they are non to the extent they should hold been. For such a regretful province of personal businesss. he holds Robert Moses responsible.

The bustle of buildings that he executed. did non take into history the human facet and made the muss of a benevolent issue. he alleges. Caro cites the illustrations of Parkss be aftering. the monolithic public works including the celebrated Triborough Bridge and the freewaies of New York City. which could hold been planned and executed in a far. far better manner with inventive planning. Caro decidedly writes. and he has the bulk to hold with him. Why the New York Express Ways is so confusing-ask Robert Moses entirely!

Apart from the building and related economic issues. Caro has tried pose the inquiry and answered it well—whether democracy in USA truly works! If you take the life of Moses and how he was allowed to travel on the violent disorder. the administrative officials and the top politicians stood agape. failed to command him. 1 must state that the democratic rules are non strong plenty to chasten an person like him.

How easy and convincingly he overruled the expostulations by the elective representatives. with the power back-up of other of import sections that controlled the American economic system. is anybody’s lesson. The decision-makers and policy framers will hold to happen ways and agencies so that the Robert Moses phenomenon is non repeated. How Moses got the things done the manner he liked. scoffing the prescribed processs!

In retrospect. certain other strong and criminal issues travel against Robert Moses. He assailed his oppositions in the most undignified manner. by taking resort to character blackwash. He was inexorable about his positions. he considered car as the premier manner of conveyance ( likely at the command of the car industry ) . and refused subordinate programs to suit train and coach betterments. As per the strategy of things the hapless on the job category suffered a batch. The serious allegation against him is that he had no respect for the hapless. particularly the black race. and in his expansive edifice programs. their vicinity were destroyed and that was done with heartless pitilessness.


Democracy is a careful and caring political set-up. which purportedly gives respect to the rights. sentiments. esthesias and the life conditions of one all and promotes equality. If forcible tactics and money-power were to govern the society. democracy has no significance. Democratic traditions should besides bring forth such persons who can defy and procrastinate those persons who are out break the construction of the society in manner. for the personal aggrandisement and that has to be achieved in the quickest possible clip.

That an single like Robert Moses regulations the metropolis of New York. the manner he liked and lived like an undisputed Emperor for 50 long old ages does non talk good for the democracy of USA. This book has adequate stuff for any politician and planner-how non to carry on urban planning! Robert Moses. had a breathtaking vision—but the working category that travels with suffocated breath in the snarl of the traffic in the express main roads constructed by him curses him on every working twenty-four hours! In all right. Robert Caro. has given a really interesting book. which has historical positions. and the American citizens need to travel through its contents carefully.


Caro. Robert A: Book:The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York.

Paperback book: 1344 pages

Publisher: Vintage ( July 12. 1975 )

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0394720245

ISBN-13: 978-0394720241

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