The 1975 • The 1975

8 August 2019

There is a point in every teen girl’s life when she finds herself stuck deep in the mold of “The Average Teenage Girl.” During my young teen years it was a time of Uggs, leggings, and the famous black Northface jacket. I found myself in this outfit – this mold – quite frequently, trying to keep up with what was “cool.” At this time, I typically only listened to the iTunes top 10 list or whatever music my peers were enjoying. However, the beginning of sophomore year I stumbled upon a new band, The 1975, and their album by the same name.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this alternative rock band’s music. The first song I heard was “M.O.N.E.Y.” with an eccentric rock/electronic/alternative sound. I was drowning with astonishment at this beautiful new sound flooding through my headphones. It took one bus ride home to listen to the entire album and fall in love.

Usually someone’s favorite song draws them in because the lyrics speak to them. This is what surprised me about “The 1975” – three of the songs don’t have any lyrics at all, and I don’t know the words to half the songs on the album. Instead, they spoke to me through guitar, piano, electronic music, and drums. The electronic music beats waves of delight through me. The bass guitar holds steady in the background of almost every song, competing with the piano and drums. Each song explores different emotions, and hearing this album made me feel satisfied, whole.

By listening to this album, I began developing into a real person, with wants, beliefs, ideas, and a perspective all my own. I found myself in a loving relationship with Converse, writing poems, and dressing in a unique manner I personally found attractive; I learned who Madison really was.

All the songs on “The 1975” make me feel quenched inside. After almost two years of analyzing, my favorite songs are “Menswear,” “Settle Down,” “Heart Out,” and “Robbers.” When I need nurturing, this album always fulfills me, helping me regain my worth and voice.

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