The 1975 by The 1975

7 July 2019

The 1975 is a self-titled album by far my current favorite English indie rock band The 1975 which was released last September 2013 and still making its way on top charts.

Every single track in the album has a different approach to music genres which makes it very unusual to other indie bands. This is why I love the whole album because every song has a story that is beyond the lyrics being sung. They’ve released singles from the albums such as:

1. The City

2. Chocolate

3. Sex

4. Girls (first ever single I have heard from them and that made them win my vote and my heart)

5. Settle Down

6. Robbers (my favorite out of all the songs they have)

7. Heart Out (second favorite)

Take for example, Robbers, was inspired by the film True Romance where it portrays a story of two disarrayed lovers. And that is why I am truly in love with this song.

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No need to say more. β€˜Robbers’ is an ode to those relationships. The type of relationship all humans long for. All or nothing. – Matt Healy

Not only that they have this great sense of writing capacity, the music videos for their singles have been a part of their unique individuality. As much as the songs have their own definitions, the music videos also speaks for themselves. And I tell you, once you’ve played one MV, it will leave you perplexed and messed up with scattered thoughts. Everything is all about depth and authenticity.

There’s so much emotions and things to put up when I’m taking about The 1975. I came to love this band and sees the reality that lies in them. They are far more different and cryptic. I wonder if they’ve reach the verge where they won’t be my little secret anymore; where their music plays every spot I’m in. I hope not. I want to hide them in the very nook of my mind and keep their music fill my head.

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