The 4 P’s

4 April 2017

In this report Garret will be going over the โ€œFour Pโ€™sโ€ of marketing the Sony Playstation 3. He will tell why this product interests him and how important the price and place of purchase are of marketing this product. He will also be going over how the product would be promoted and how to attract customers so that they will buy the Sony Playstation. THE 4 Pโ€™s OF MARKETING 3

For this project I chose to talk about the Sony Playstation 3. The reason I chose this product is because I am a huge fan of Sony and I have owned all of the Playstation game systems. So through the years of the Playstation I have not only owned and played all the systems but I have seen how much they have grown. The Playstation 3 came out around 2008 and when it was brand new the price was about $500. 00. Youโ€™re probably thinking thatโ€™s really expensive for a toy.

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When I seen everything the Playstation 3 could do I realized that this product was worth buying.

Not only does it play video games but it runs the internet, plays Blu-Ray movies and it connects you with the world. You can go online and play with people all across the world. The reason it was so expensive was because they knew a lot of people would run out to the nearest store to buy a Playstation 3. When you think about how much money went into making this machine you would understand why it costs so much. The Playstation 3 came out with backwards compatibility which means not only can you play the new games but you can play all the old games as well.

It also cost so much because it had the latest technology and a sixty gigabyte hard drive. When the Playstation 3 came out it had top of the line technology in it and there was nothing that could beat it. This product came from Japan so you also have to add in the shipping price for these systems. I know that ordering one off of the internet now cost around fifty bucks. So if you times that by about 20,000,000 you have a lot of money spent just shipping the system to the United States. So I thought about everything that went into making the Playstation 3 and I figured that it had a decent price when it first came out.

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