The Abortion Debate in American Society

This paper explores the arguments for and against abortion in America.

This paper takes the position of an individual’s right to choose in regard to the issue of Abortion. It examines the roles of religion, science, and women’s rights in the arguments of the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements. It discusses the desire for a consensus to be reached between the two camps, and draws a conclusion for abortion to be a basic legal and moral right.

From the paper:

“Abortion is one of the most divisive issues currently facing the American public. Unfortunately, it is also an issue in which the opposing sides seem to be continually unable to have calm and rational discussion. All too often these debates take place bracketed on the one side by the pro-lifers? insistence that all of abortion is murder, and on the other by the pro-choice fear that pregnancy reduces women to a state of slavery.

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The public seems to be buying both the pro-life and pro-choice arguments, which would indicate that perhaps they have more in common than might be thought at first glance. It seems possible that while abortion may in some cases be equivalent to killing a true human being, there is still not adequate cause to deny its availability, or its national funding.”

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