1) One very obvious legal issue is the missing parts of the pool which were stated previously in the original design. These are things that are assumed to be included in the budget, and they should show in the final construction of the pool. Another is the lack of information when Sarah tried to question the elimination of the ramps and stair treads. These budgeted services are serious and should be opened to everyone, including the residents themselves since part of their rent has been used for the development of the pool.

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2) The director had been completely ignoring and unethical in reacting with the problems of the pool. Firstly, his denying of information is a sign of him hiding something from Sarah. And since the budget approved of these installments which were not built, it can be presumed that the money provided for these went to his pockets. By lying to his employee, he also lies to the residents, taking advantage of them. Secondly, judging from the events, it seems that Gene Levy was also an accomplice in the director’s scheme. The accidents in the pool and the fear of the residents are enough reasons for any logical person to know that the ramps and stair treads are needed.

3) The director is definitely not an ethical model, and lacks qualities and values that would make him one. As a director, or an oversee of a company, Mark did not show any virtue of trust and openness, and even stole the money of his residents. Furthermore, he completely ignored the fact that accidents are happening in the pool and the residents are frightened to go near it. He can sacrifice the safety of others just to satisfy his own interest. These, and many other qualities exemplifying his selfishness proves of him being an unethical being.

4) The director’s messages and actions completely went the other way around the Acre Woods mission statement. The director himself, by allowing these things to happen conflicted violence both to Sarah and the residents. The accidents that happened in the

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pool are proofs of physical violence brought about by the director’s negligence in providing the right stairs and ramps for the users. Sarah, on the other hand, suffered emotional violence when the director talked and answer her complaints. Even the residents were far from emotional care, they were terrified and afraid to go near the pool. These are things that the director caused, contrary to their mission of providing “physical and emotional care”.

5) The Acre Woods, after these events, became a home in which fear was instilled in the residents. They are now afraid of the pool, and even possible to be afraid of other new things that might have been safe for them. The employment system has also been altered; with those “doing the dirty work” being retained and those looking for fault, like Sarah, are reassigned. The culture has shifted from a relaxed home, free from violence to an area full of tension and fears.

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