The Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

Everybody knows today there are so many inventions in the world.

One of them is advertising. According to Leo Burnett, “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief. ” Advertising is a communication whose is to form potential customers about various product and services. Businesses use advertisement to sell their products. However, advertising has advantages such as increasing the sales and large-scale distributing capabilities. On the other hand, it also has disadvantages such as polluting the environment and confusing the buyers.

The main advantage of advertising is having more choices. Without advertisement would have fewer choices for buyers. Advertisements inform people about the choices they have. Also, customers tell about their products with advertising. Today there are a lot of electronic firms in the world, for instance, iPhone, Samsung. For example, if consumers want to buy electronic goods such as computer or telephone then, they can research and learn a lot of information about the firms with the advertisement. It can help consumers find better goods with the advertisement.

Another advantage of advertising is about work. Today to find the work is difficult but advertising gives people opportunities for which there would be high employment. People can find work very easily because of advertising. Advertising is a creative industry that employs a lot of people. So many kinds of people can work in the advertising. For example, if firms want to create an advertisement they need workers such as designers, cartoon makers. Because this worker can create very unusual advertising and attract the consumers.

The first disadvantage of advertising is pollution. Pollution is increasing day by day and advertising affect increasing the pollution. Because people have been cutting the tree and preparing the advertising paper. It caused by the air pollution. Also, advertisers stick the advertisements on the wall then some people break and throw in the street. It is the reason for the surrounding pollution.Another negative aspect of advertising impacts on children.

Children can easily be influenced by advertisements. Today children can see a lot of advertising on the TV or on the internet. Some advertisements are useful, some are harmful, but most of them to attract the children. There are so many toys or products advertising which influences the children badly. For example, chips it is very harmful to children health but when they see the chips advertisement then they put pressure on parents to buy the products.In conclusion, although advertising indeed gives people a lot of advantages by creating more job opportunities, it has also made the Earth dirtier, and people life confused. However, people have free markets in the world and advertising is necessary for free market economies.

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