The Advantages and Disadvantages of Winning the Lottery

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Winning the Lottery Have you ever wished that you had won the lottery? The lottery can change your life forever but it can also be changed in unexpected and drastic ways. The possibilities of what happens after you win the lottery are in your hands. You could lose your friendships and family member’s trust or maybe you could be intelligent with the money you’ve won and create for yourself endless possibilities, one this is for sure your privacy is going to be diminished. It’s all up to us and how we want to peruse the rest of our life after we won the jackpot.

When we win the lottery the first and only thing is in our mind is the money. We are so oblivious to anything else that we shut them out of our lives for a long period of time. Due to these actions we may break bonds and weaken our relationships with family members. Eventually someone that was your best friend will now be just an acquaintance. You may think that close family relationships will last forever, but this isn’t always true. Even family members will begin to forget or maybe even despise, you due to the fact that all you care about is the money and not about anything else.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. All you have to do is recognize them for who they are and what they truly mean to you. If you truly are an money wise person than the possibilities are endless. Money doesn’t buy you happiness but they might demolish any boundaries that you may have had before. This doesn’t mean that you should buy a big house and a nice car and buy whatever you want; all it means is if you are smart and you don’t go straight out on a shopping spree that money will last forever.

If you invest and save (by not quitting your job) you can have a lifestyle without limitations and you can do whatever your heart and mind desires. You dream of having endless possibilities which you do, after a while though when you win the lottery your life will be turned upside down for awhile; media, news reporters, etc. will be crowding over you like ” honey attracts flies “. They ( the media, news reporters, etc) will follow you almost everywhere to figure out what type of a person you really are . The lack of privacy is unbearable for some. This can lead to other isadvantages such as the high chance of bankruptcy, due to your high media profile. The lack of privacy has even led to some people killing themselves. This will go on for some time, so don’t expect you’ll have such a quiet life in the beginning of you lotto experience. The lottery is a tricky thing. It appears so good to you with its flashing headlines ” One thousand dollars for life” or ” Dream big, live big” but really is it that great? It’s all about the choices you make and how you carry through will them afterwards. So now you tell me is it really worth it?

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