The African American Woman: Her Challenges And Identity Essay Sample

African American adult females believe that even though we are knowing and are adept. we are discriminated from the society and are non treated every bit as the white people. African Americans have been contending for freedom to exert their rights including the fact that we are eligible as citizen in America and that we are treated every bit in the society. Peoples should esteem the African American race. the award due to the African American’s place should be punctually accorded to him/her every bit at when due since we are besides citizens ; we should non in any manner be deprived of such chances as better life conditions. good occupation pick and instruction merely as our white opposite number enjoy.

It is merely unfortunate that the African American still suffer from societal unfairness and unfair societal construction. In this perennial combat over a long period of clip. African American adult females are faced face struggle between world and political orientation: political orientation implies that society wants to acknowledge African Americans as citizen.

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The African American Woman: Her Challenges And Identity Essay Sample
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but world is that African American are still treated ill. ignored as a black race. and deemed an insulted civilization. What makes it worse is that some of African American Women deny our individuality. they dream as if they are white. and have desire to copy the white people.

In the essay “Task of Negro Womanhood” . Elise Johnson McDonougald efficaciously shows the jobs which African American adult females have struggled with. and besides the basic ground for the jobs. McDougal argues that African American adult females want to look white society adult females and the chief ground could be connected to Nella Larsen’s novel “Passing” . In the novel. there are two African American adult females: one is named “Clare” who passed into “white society” as get marrieding with white. and the other is “Iren” who does non. but want to populate like “Clare” . The fresh describes that each adult females have different determination about “passing” after: it shows their troubles with respects to lost individuality. which is associated with insecurity of life status and a host of complicated feelings ; these two contrasting characters reflect the jobs of African American adult females outlined in McDougal’s essay.

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