The Age of Exploration Essay Sample

The age of geographic expedition began in the 15Thursdaycentury and lasted for about 200 old ages. It is the period of clip. connected with the attempt of the Europeans ( chiefly the Spaniards and the Portuguese ) to research new lands in Western Hemisphere. During this historical period a batch of new districts were discovered. every bit good as a great promotion was achieved in shipbuilding engineering. pilotage. mapmaking. and so on.

The chief motives driving the Europeans to detect new lands included the desire to distribute European domination and faith about new districts and show the power of Europe. Some were driven by the thought to set up new chances for commercialism. Besides. many were merely overfilled with the desire to happen new lands and remain in the world’s history. Finally. a batch of adventurers were looking for gold. hoarded wealths. profusion and affluent life.

One of the most known and cardinal discoveries of that clip was the find of American lands byChristopher Columbus. a Spanish sailing master. who intended to go to India on his shipSanta Mariaand reached the islands of Central America. He made several successful efforts to traverse the Atlantic Ocean and became the first European to detect the Caribbean. the Bahamas. Cuba. Haiti. Trinidad and assorted parts of American continent.

However. non every of import find during the age of geographic expedition had positive effects in historical model. In peculiar. a Spanish adventurerHernan Cortesdiscovered Mexican lands. where the Aztec and Inca Empires built a developed civilisation. As a consequence. the Spaniards ruined the Empire. expropriated all its hoarded wealths and enslaved its population. Therefore. one of the most advanced civilizations of those times was laid to waste.

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