The Aim of Education in Indonesia

11 November 2016

The Aim of Education in Indonesia By Daenuri Suhendar Many people in Indonesia believe that success in education is measuring the academic values. Therefore, their efforts have focused only on how much academic value that can be achieved, we may often forget the real purpose of education that it is not to get a course of academic and other achievements. However, the purpose of education is to improve the multiple intelligence and cognitive students. In other words, a school can’t be successful if it can’t facilitate the students’ multiple intelligences and complex cognitive processes.

Indonesia has not focused on the purpose of education because Indonesia is still has problem in education. Such as, Final exam is still a benchmark of successful of education, the materials which tested in the exam only cover a few subjects and a lot of teachers who have a low quality of teaching. We should quickly fix our education system and we must focus on facilitating students’ multiple intelligences. What is the meaning of intelligence? Stenberg (2005) argues that intelligence is include 3 things. They are experience, cognitive processes and ability in environment adaptation.

While cognitive is the process of understanding through thought. Gardner (1983-1993) defined intelligence as the ability to solve problems and produce new products in a setting that variety of situations and in real. Therefore, ability can be called intelligence if showing proficiency and skills of a person to solve problems and difficulties found in his life. Intelligence is divided into seven categories namely linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual, musical, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, Naturalist, and existential.

If we look at to the context, Educational benchmarks in Indonesia should not be viewed only from the cognitive side because intelligence is not only about cognitive. We can take an example as happened during the final exam national. As we have seen in recent years that the final exam is often used as a benchmark of educational success. However, final examination does not guarantee of success of the learning process. Rofiq (Secretary of Education Board of Central Java) said that final exam was an indication of increase the level of achievement.

However, it had not shown the successful of the overall studying or teaching process in education of Indonesia. I also agree with a statement from Amir (Managing Director of School of High / Scope Indonesia) who has an opinion that the goal of true education is to make students able to choose the way of life with creativity and high morality and it is not based only on academic values. In the national final exams, students are tested only in a few lessons and their daily value is not calculated.

Therefore, many of them only focus on passing the final exam. Besides that, Indonesia has another problem. It is about teacher quality. Many teachers in Indonesia still have low quality in teaching. Samosir (2009) said that there are many teachers of Indonesian who served in elementary school, junior high school and senior high school are not in accordance with the educational background provisions and subjects which they teach. Therefore, how multiple intelligences can be facilitated if the quality of the teachers is not satisfactory?

For solving these problems, we should change the education system in Indonesia, especially about the National Final Examination that is not a determinant of student’s achievement and we should concentrate on improving the quality of teachers. In addition to teaching, teachers must have abilities to facilitate students’ intelligences. Although Indonesia has many problems in education like final exam is still a benchmark of success in education, the materials in the exam which tested only covers a few subjects and a lot of teachers who have a low quality of teaching. What should we do?

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