The Aka Sorority

1 January 2017

Out of all of the aforementioned, fraternities and sororities are the most talked about and frenzied over. In high school I can remember girls saying what they were going to pledge when they got to college, as if they really knew what they were talking about. As I thought about what I would like to pledge, it became apparent on me that I knew nothing about pledging or even about any sorority at all. This discovery gave me a considerable incentive to write this paper when I discovered we would be writing about subcultures.

I thought a sorority would be a god topic to talk about and a good way to educate myself from an outsider’s point of view. So this paper is like a two for one deal, in which I’m actually getting something out of writing this paper, and it gives me motive and an optimistic state of mind as I research this topic. I have decided to pick the sorority known as Alpha Kappa Alpha also known as AKA. I know very little about this sorority, except for the stereotypes, which indeed may turn out to be true, who knows.

The Aka Sorority Essay Example

I am definitely interested in researching their history; I want to know where they originated and what their beliefs and principles may be. I’ve learned that sororities are about more than just the paraphernalia, the parties, and Greek letters. Sororities are about lifelong sisterhoods and tradition. I also know that every sorority has things that mark them as they are. For instance I want to know how to associate them with certain things like, their colors or their hand signs, what fraternities they claim, their calls, their stereotypes, their adversaries, their nicknames, etc.

I’m also curious about the whole hazing thing and how you actually qualify for ‘crossing over’. I’ve noticed that quite a few fraternities and sororities have been kicked off campus for supposedly hazing. This hazing thing seems to be a real problem and not just on our campus; I’m sure it’s had some affect on the AKA’s. I’m also in just learning the terminology used when talking about sororities and fraternities. Do they have a set list of prerequisites to join; Is money a factor at all?

What about after college…what do you do with your pledge after that? How does this networking thing work? These are the types of things that I am interested in. As of right now, I see myself as an outsider for this particular subculture, because I am not an AKA. But I am possibly considering them for a sorority that I would like to join. At the moment I just want to know what I could be potentially getting myself into. The only experiences that I have with the AKA’s are of what I see on television, some of my associates, and step shows.

But for my final I do intend on having a one-on-one interview with my friend that pledged AKA this semester. I plan on becoming as knowledgeable about them as possible, I want be able to inform my readers on the culture of an AKA. One of my sources is the official site of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. This website has all the necessary history and traditions information incorporated in it. It provides a god insight on what an AKA life consists of and is dedicated to. This site is geared mostly toward educating people on the AKA’s and what they are all about.

The second source comes from an actual chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. This site was designed by its college members and has their input, which I think is good because that’s what my paper focuses on, sororities on college campuses, particularly our campus. Works Cited Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. A Legacy of Sisterhood. . Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. . Brown, Parks, and Phillips. African American Fraternities and Sororities. Kentucky: University Press of Kentucky, 2005.

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