The Alamo Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

The Alamo Essay, Research Paper

& # 8220 ; To the people of Texas and all Americans in the World:

I shall ne’er give up or withdraw & # 8230 ; I Am determined to prolong myself every bit long as possible and die like a soldier who ne’er forgets what it is due to his award and that of his country-VICTORY OR DEATH. & # 8221 ; This was a missive sent by William Barret Travis during the besieging of the Alamo on February 24, 1836. It was a call for aid to anybody and everybody willing to listen.

It all started in 1830 with Stephen Austin, a leader of American innovators in the natural state, populating in Texas, under the regulation of the Mexican authorities, who had solved two major jobs that the colonists had with the authorities. The settler were now allowed to maintain slaves in Texas, even though no other countries under Mexican regulation owned slaves and the second was the authorities made certain that Texans would be protected by the Mexican authorities from suits to roll up debts that they had contracted in the United States before their in-migration to Texas.

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All over the South were marks on belly-up places places stating & # 8220 ; Gone to Texas & # 8221 ; were they did non hold to pay off their debts ( Downey 42 ) .

Austin and his followings were really hot tempered and ready to get down up with any authorities that they disliked. They shortly found a opportunity to stir up problem under the mutable Mexican regulation. Mexican governments began to worry that excessively many Americans were coming into their state. About 30 1000 colonists came to Texas in a 10 twelvemonth span after Austin had established his colony. The Mexican authorities under the goad of President Bustamante made rough Torahs against reaching of new immigrants into Texas in 1830. Trade was besides restricted with America. All boundary lines were closed to fledglings but the Louisiana boundary line could non be patrolled and colonists continued to get in Texas. American colonists were put into gaol for the commotion they caused due to these new Torahs, among them was Stephen Austin.

On July 1833 Austin traveled to Mexico City to plead the cause of the settlers. The settlers wanted to obtain full Mexican statehood and have entire control over themselves. Mexican functionaries would non listen to the Texans. On his manner place Austin was arrested for lese majesty on January 3, 1834. The authorities had intercepted a missive from Austin that said that if his entreaty had failed the Texans should set up themselves as a separate province of Mexico. He was jailed for 18 months.

The Texans protested and soldiers were sent to command the rabble. After the release of Austin on September 1, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had been elected President of Mexico. In the autumn of 1835 Santa Anna had sent more military personnels, under the leading of his brother in jurisprudence General Martin Cos, to Texas in order to implement the in-migration Torahs. Austin and some soldiers had surrounded colonies in Mexican district and were considered by the authorities to be Rebels. Mexico had no pick but to try to utilize military forces. Thirty thousand Texans were willing to contend against a state of seven million. They did non have any authorities assistance from the United States but sympathetic Southern provinces in secret sent military personnels.

The war began with conflict of & # 8220 ; the Lexington of the Texas revolution & # 8221 ; ( Downey 46 ) taken topographic point on October 2, 1835. This small conflict consisted of one 100 Mexican military personnels sent to Gonzales, a town E of San Antonio, to order the colonists to give up their lone cannon. The soldiers said & # 8220 ; come and take it & # 8221 ; ( Fisher 26 ) and finally they killed one Mexican soldier. The war had begun.

More and more Texans answered the call to weaponries such as Ben Milan a soldier of the War of 1812, James Bowie who was know for his knife, Sam Houston and Stalwart Davy Crockett both former soldiers and congresswomans. And the name that would take them all Wiiliam Barret Travis.

October 9, 1835 Ben Milan led an onslaught at Goliad. The Mexicans were surprised and surrendered to the innovators who ended up with legion arms and 10 thousand dollars. Subsequently that month Austin sent military personnels under Bowie to San Antonio. While bivouacing they were attacked by Mexican military personnels. The Texan solders dominated this battle coming out with merely one human death. They could hold gone on to capture San Antonio but Austin said that they needed to reorganise themselves. The besieging continued on for an extra six hebdomads.

During this clip the Texans gathered outside the metropolis of Bejar and fifty seven Texans signed a Declaration of Causes explicating why they were now traveling to war for their independency. The word came on November 7, 1835

Whereas, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and other military captains, have by force of weaponries overthrown the federal establishments of Mexico, and dissolved the societal compact which existed between Texas and other members of the Mexican Confederacy ; now the good people of Texas, availing themselves of their natural rights, Solemnly declare:

That they have taken up weaponries in defence of their rights and autonomies, which were threatened by the invasions of military tyrants, and in defence of the republican rules of the federal fundamental law of Mexico, 1824.

That Texas is no longer morally or civilly bound by the compact of brotherhood ; yet, stimulated by the generousness and sympathy common to a free people, they offer their support and aid to such members of the Mexican Confederacy as will take up weaponries against military absolutism.

That they hold it to be their right during the disorganisation of the federal system, and the reign of absolutism to retreat from the brotherhood, and to set up an independent authorities & # 8230 ; ( Fisher 28 ) .

Finally after one hundred and 50 soldiers were wounded General Cos and his military personnels surrendered to the Texans and among the things acquired by the Texans was the Alamo. This edifice was originally used as a Catholic missional built by Padre Olivares in 1718. It consisted of a monastery and church that were enclosed by high walls. The original name was San Antonio de Valero. It was subsequently called the Alamo due to the cottonwood trees environing the mission. But this triumph was a really dearly-won one. While the besieging was traveling on about ten

thousand more colonists assembled outside the metropolis. The one job was that these soldiers were acquiring bored and had nil to make. Many started to return place either out of ennui or belief that the war was over.

Merely one hundred and 50 work forces were left to confront the winter under the leading of Sam Houston. The soldiers assumed that the Mexicans who now were driven South were really improbable to return for the continuance of the winter months.

Sam Houston ordered a concentration of on the theory that the Mexicans would return. He recommended the devastation and forsaking of San Antonio. For this cautious reding Houston was deposed from bid. Thus lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis a 20 seven twelvemonth old attorney from Edgefield, South Carolina was now in bid with James Bowie.

Santa Anna was infuriated by his brother in Torahs loss and took bid of about four 1000 soldiers. They at San Antonio arrived on the afternoon of February 23, 1836. Travis instantly ordered the town to be abandoned and the Alamo occupied. Travis, Bowie and the soldiers packed into the Alamo waiting for Santa Anna. Captain Almaron Dickenson, his married woman and babe besides proceeded into the garrison.

Travis sent out messengers with entreaties for aid. It dated February 24,1836. It said:

To the people of Texas and all Americans in the universe, Fellow citizens and compatriots, I am besieged by a 1000 or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna & # 8211 ; I have sustained a continual barrage and drumfire for 20 four hours and have non lost a adult male. The enemy has demanded a resignation at discretion, otherwise the Garrison are to be put to the torch, if the garrison is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shooting, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall ne’er give up or withdraw. Then, I call on you in the name of autonomy, of nationalism and everything beloved to the American character, to come to our assistance with all dispatch- the enemy is having supports day-to-day and will no uncertainty addition to three or four 1000 in four or five yearss. If this call is neglected, I am determined to prolong myself every bit long as possible and die like a soldier who ne’er forgets what is due to his ain award and that of his state. The missive was signed in Victory or decease ( Fisher 7 ) .

The twenty-four hours after the conflict had commenced Bowie was deathly ill with pneumonia and had to be carried everyplace on a stretcher. He surrendered his leading entirely to Travis. Besides Bowie cipher had been injured merely yet.

A hebdomad subsequently after having Travis & # 8217 ; supplication for aid 30 two soldiers from Gonzales would steal through the Mexican lines geting safely to the Alamo. Four hundred work forces besides attempted relive the Mexicans but they had equipment problem on the manner. That was all.

Santa Anna continually bombed and fired at the Alamo and the Alamo fired back until the fort was highly low on ammo.

On March 2, 1836 delegates from all 50 nine towns in Texas declared independency and signed a Declaration of Independence organizing a probationary authorities whereas David Burnet was the President. But the people at the Alamo had no thought that independency had been declared and continued contending. Travis knew that they were being destroyed and the following twenty-four hours he called for a battle to the decease. He took his blade and drew a line in the soil and said whomever wants to contend to the decease should step over, everybody did.

To the decease they fought. Massacred by the Mexican ground forces merely four subsisters remained. Mrs. Dickenson, her kid and two male slaves. Cipher else was spared. From that point on the Texans used the conflict call & # 8221 ; Remember the Alamo! & # 8221 ; ( Downey 57 ) .

A brief description was given by the city manager of Bejar Antonio Ruiz of the scene after the conflict:

& # 8221 ; On the North battery of the fortress lay the lifeless organic structure of Colonel Travis on the gun passenger car, shooting merely in the brow. Toward the West, and in a little garrison opposite the metropolis, we found the organic structure of Colonel Crockett. Colonel Bowie was found dead in his bed, in one of the suites of the south side & # 8230 ; . & # 8221 ; ( Fisher 41 ) .

The loss at the Alamo sent a terror through Texas. Highly angry Houston gathered an ground forces together and six hebdomads subsequently began to seek for Santa Anna and his ground forces. Houston marched his work forces toward Anna shouting & # 8221 ; Remember the Alamo! & # 8221 ; ( Downey 57 ) . With that call they defeated Anna at San Jacinto capturing Anna and coercing him to subscribe a pact allowing independency to the Texas democracy.

The quotation mark said by Travis was a really of import one. While the Alamo was on the brink of devastation this call for aid was sent to anybody willing to assist them. Nothing that would hold helped Travis win the war arrived on clip. But due to the fact that he said they would contend to the decease and really fought to the decease created a strong bond between the remainder of Texas. The Texans attacked the Mexicans with all their might bear downing at the enemy shouting & # 8221 ; Remember the Alamo & # 8221 ; ( Doweny 57 ) . Their inducement in winning was the one hundred and 80 deceases at the Alamo. This interior strength that they obtained from the licking at the Alamo helped the others defeat the Mexicans and eventually win their freedom from the yolk of the Mexican authorities and finally being accepted as the 20 8th province in the United States of America.

But the credence would non come easy. They had jobs being accepted due to the fact that the ownership of slaves was considered all right in Texas but the North did non desire to accept more slave provinces. Finally on February 19, 1846 they were accepted as a province.

I truly enjoined larning about the Alamo. I ne’er truly cognize what it was before this and was ever inquiring why it was such an of import event in Texan history. The one thing that confuses me is why the State of Texas would take a war that they were wholly destroyed in as an event that is considered greater than most other events throughout Texan history. But for one thing I truly admire Travis and his followings for contending to the decease like heros in order to set up freedom and their rights they believed that in all truth deserved.

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