The Alamo

4 April 2015
This paper compares evidence of the actual events of the battle for The Alamo and the 1960 John Wayne film, “The Alamo.”

This essay looks at the 1960’s John Wayne film The Alamo and compares it to the actual events of the battle for The Alamo in 1836. The author compares the actual evidence found by historians to the images portrayed in the film, and comes up with a number of conclusions.
John Wayne, starred, directed and produced The Alamo, it was an attempt by John Wayne to prove that he was more than just a photogenic actor. It had been an idea of Wayne’s since 1948, when Wayne started to become more politically aware and he became very anti-communist. It was never clear why John Wayne chose to make the Alamo , the closest reason that can be found is that a former friend, Bob Bradbury and his father made the film Davy Crockett and the fall of The Alamo. The film was reasonably successful and Bob’s father would go on to direct John Wayne in his first B western movies.

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