The All-American Canal and Its Effects on Illegal Immigration Essay Sample

This paper explores three public articles and one section of 60 proceedingss that explore the effects of the All-American Canal and the on-going conflict against illegal in-migration. The canal is owned by the federal authorities and operated by the Imperial Irrigation District ( IID ) . This paper will analyze both sides of the moral duty and duty of the authorities and the immigrants that attempt to traverse the canal.

Keywords: Imperial Irrigation District. duty


“It is allowable for the federal authorities to let the drowning deceases of illegal immigrants at the All-American Canal to go on because they aren’t required to supply life salvaging equipment.

Explanation of the claim:
The All-American Canal is an aqueduct that conveys the last beads of Colorado River H2O into the Imperial Valley in California. The canal provides imbibing H2O for 9 metropoliss and irrigates over 500. 000 estates. It was built in the 1930’s by the United States Bureau of Reclamation and completed in 1942. It’s owned by the federal authorities and operated by the Imperial Irrigation District ( IID ) . Two tierces of our winter fruits and veggies are grown utilizing this H2O. The canal creates occupations in the agriculture industry and half of the people who pick the harvests are illegal foreigners who cross the canal from Mexico. The job is the canal is 225 pess across and 20 pess deep with currents that can transport a individual 8 pess per 2nd one time in the H2O. Since the dual fencings were installed on the boundary lines of San Diego. Ca. and Mexico in 1997 boundary line traversing at that place has significantly decreased and as a consequence the canal has become the new entry topographic point into the U. S. Since 1997 over 850 people have perished seeking to traverse the canal from Mexico. They are buried in a California desert in unmarked Gravess.

Reasons for the Claim:
The canal is used for thermoelectric power and irrigation. non diversion or public usage. The canal has been a critical beginning of H2O supply since 1942 and was ne’er intended as a crossing point for people. The people traversing the canal are making so at there ain hazard and are interrupting the jurisprudence. There are marks posted at the canal warning of unsafe currents. Is the federal authorities responsible for protecting people interrupting the jurisprudence? Supplying ascent out ladders and life lines would merely promote more illegal in-migration. Life lines and ascent out ladders would merely promote more people to traverse illicitly increasing the illegal in-migration job even more. Installation of life salvaging equipment would be 1000000s of dollars and straight back up illicitly traversing into the U. S. This would direct the incorrect message to US citizens and citizens of Mexico. It’s like stating it’s alright to interrupt the jurisprudence and we’re traveling to assist all lawbreakers do so by adding flight devices to a canal non meant for worlds. Reasons against the Claim:

The harvests that the canal supplies H2O to be worked by 50 per centum illegal foreigners so it’s the chief ground people cross over for employment. The federal authorities funded a undertaking to hold fish trapped in the canal lifted over the hydroelectric beads. the same drops that the dead organic structures flow to. The dual fencings that were installed in San Diego were authorities funded. The canal can be made safer by either put ining fencings or mount out ladders. Tonss of money is being made off the labour of the same people traversing the canals illicitly. We spend several million dollars daily in Iraq and Afghanistan to assist people who don’t want us there in the first topographic point. The authorities has a moral duty to assist even if a offense is being committed. If we can assist states all over the universe certainly we can widen a manus to a bordering state every bit good. Decision:

I feel the grounds for the claim are stronger chiefly because the U. S. is presently covering with a serious illegal in-migration job that’s impacting occupations. societal security and the public assistance system to call a few. When immigrants are willing to put on the line their lives to traverse an irrigation canal without any safety concerns now so if safety steps are installed it merely increases the in-migration job and weakens our boundary lines even more. Border control is a serious job that’s gotten out of control that must be dealt with harshly. Rebuttals:

The authorities is non responsible for who husbandmans hire to work their harvests. The lone involvement the authorities has is to the husbandmans crops acquiring H2O so they can bring forth goods. The undertaking for the fish lift was approved because the fish arrived in the canal of course and in order to last must be lifted over the hydroelectric beads. Not to take down the importance of the people who died in the canal but they were deceased already. The dual fencings were put in topographic point to maintain illegal immigrants from traversing the boundary line and to maintain drugs out of the U. S. By put ining ascent out ladders and life lines in the canal that would merely counter the ground for seting up the dual fencings all together. It would merely do more immigrants to seek and traverse illicitly.

To back up this installing would merely advance more misdemeanors. The people who work these harvests are non forced to make so ; they choose to gain a life for low rewards because it’s better than what they had. The overall intent is to assist the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan establishes a free and positive life style without the menace of absolutism. There are some who protest US engagement but they are few. The bulk of the citizens welcomes the states of NATO and supports our troop engagement. The authorities has and will go on to assist those who come to America lawfully. It is non responsible or apt for loss of life that occurs by people who attempt to come in the state illicitly. Mexico is finally responsible to its people and its authorities should be working to better the quality of life for its citizens.


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