The Amazing Spiderman

1 January 2017

The struggle between altruism and cynicism plus selfishness. “With great power comes great responsibilities. “. These are the essences of Spiderman. Without them, it’s not really Spiderman anymore. The new Amazing Spiderman is just a typical boy who’s sort of selfish. The movie tries to push for a new motto of “Know who you are,” which, to me is just euphemism for “What’s best for you is what’s best for everybody. “. It’s fair, but there’s nothing heroic about that, at the heart level.

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Superheroes are suppose to inspire us to become the best we can be, e. g. , when we choose altruism in a situation, we are partaking in Spiderman’s greatness in a small way, and that makes us proud and happy (besides the noble gesture itself). And when we choose to exercise our God given talents for the sake of the greater good, we are conceding to the notion that “With great power comes with great responsibilities. “. Now, in what ways has this new Spiderman acted in the interests of the public good, looking beyond himself?

He hasn’t… 1) Sneaking around Oscorp would get Gwen into trouble, but he didn’t care. 2) He was suppose to pick up Aunt May, who has loved him and raised him, but instead he stayed with the doctor, who neglected him all his life, even though he was his father’s long time colleague. 3) His superhero works were merely the byproduct of him trying to find Uncle Ben’s killer, and he does that only because he felt guilty. 4) He fights the lizardman only because he felt bad about being the one responsible for creating him. ) He snuck into Gwen’s bedroom and coaxed her. 6) He broke his promise to Gwen’s dad on not getting Gwen involved anymore, knowing that it would put her life in danger. The movie even has an anti-heroism theme. For example, consider the way Uncle Ben died. He could have left the robber alone (and he absolutely should have, the movie was trying make acts of heroism look really stupid). The whole incident just screams “Don’t try to be a hero. “. And consider the scene when Spidermsn tries to save the kid from the falling car.

He took off his mask and handed it to the kid, and the kid wore it ad he took courage to climb out. This symbolizes two things, that Peter Parker does not care for the burden of being a superhero; he prefer to think of himself as just a normal person looking after his own self-interest. And the kid’s climb symbolizes that when you take courage to save yourself, you are a superhero. This is a gross deflation of standard. Almost all people are already fully committed to looking out for number one, so how does that make you a hero? The Amazingly Selfish Spiderman” would have been a far more fitting title for this movie. He is not a superhero, but merely a typical selfish guy with supernatural abilities. Even Stan Lee’s cameo appearance portrayed him as being oblivious, as if he’s saying “I have nothing to do with this. “. I think Hollywood needs to go back making the pre-amazing Spiderman, as this one turned out to be amazingly… unimpressive… lol 😀 I am certainly not at all amazed lol 😀

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