The American Agriculture Industry

A discussion on the American agriculture industry by focusing on cranberry growing.

This paper discusses the American agriculture industry in general, and the cranberry growing sector in particular. The author explains how cranberry growing affects other agricultural and non-agricultural areas such as economics and cosmetics. In addition, cranberry growing enables the US to penetrate and compete with international markets.
“The vitality that characterizes United States agriculture began to develop more than two centuries ago, at the arrival of the Industrial Revolution. From the earliest days of United States History, farming has held a crucial place in the American economy and culture. Farmers play a vital role in any society, but farming has been particularly valued in the United States because farmers were the pinnacle of the economic virtues that Americans to this day hold in high esteem, such as hard work, initiative, and self-sufficiency. Moreover, many Americans found that owning a farm was a ticket that allowed them to participate in the American economic system, Especially immigrants who may have never were given the opportunity to own land and did not have ownership over their own labor or products.”
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