The American Dream Boat Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The twelvemonth 1979 was a really important twelvemonth for several Vietnamese households who decided to fly from the Communist regulation an their state even though it meant put on the lining their lives in the sea. merely to be able to make for a better life in the United States. Sta. Ana California became a place to the said refugees. The storyteller in the narrativeThe American Dream Boatrelated how the said community survived the challenges of life in a foreign land and subsequently on seting to the civilization and traditions of the society that they chose to populate. In the said narrative. it has been noted how refugees from Vietnam really survived societal subjugation towards their credence and soaking up in the American community. Probably. although most of them already adjusted to the life in America. many households still choose to learn Vietnamese civilization to the immature 1s to be able to assist them develop an individuality that is still strongly Vietnam in nature.

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Probably. the said attack in seting to the society that they are populating in at nowadays still helps them continue the being that they are. This still reminds them that even though they are in America. they are still Vietnamese by bosom.

Most refugees want to be a full sworn American [ like the storyteller in the narrative ] . However. although they want the said position to be their individuality in America. they still want to be known as Vietnamese persons who have transferred to better countries of the wold. True. because of planetary connexions that is considered the tendency of the present epoch. people reassigning from a state towards another is already a common norm. However. although this is true. it could non be denied that the differences of civilization still flourish around the Earth. This is an indicant that many. Like the Vietnamese refugees transfer to other countries of the universe to happen their dreams and carry through those dreams. nevertheless. burying their civilization. the background that shapes there personality is non among the elements of life that they are willing to allow travel as they let themselves be absorbed by a new society. Obviously. the writer of the narrative wants to indicate out the importance of cultural standing for those who have immigrated to other lands either as refugees or as workers or even for some other grounds. This peculiar idea raises the demand to be strongly attached to one’s ain civilization to be able to do a typical individuality from the society that immigrants are seeking to set to.


Oahn Ha. The American Dream Boat. `The New World Reader` ( ISBN:978-0-618-79653-3 ) . p. 318-322.

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