“The American Scholar” is original and impressive form of address to Mr. President and other gentlemen describing the life of the scholar, his interest, challenges and achievements. The subject of the paper is the scholar himself and his particular interests. The main thesis of the paper is that scholar is a person who finds two things and sees them as one nature. In the beginning the author complaints that people don’t often meet each other.

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For example, the auhtor writes that “we do not meet for games of strength or skill, for the recitation of histories, tragedies, and odes…”, whereas Britons and Europeans do often meet to see the advancements of sciences.  So, anniversaries give people an opportunity to do what they are interested in. An interesting moment is when the author compares literary works with letters of love.

The scholar is defined as a delegated intellect and as man thinking. In society every scholar tends to become the mere thinker guiding people in the right course. The scholar is a person who is interested why the sun rises, why men and women are communicating every day, and why the nature is created in this or that way. In other words, scholar should be interesting in every problem which requires pondering and consideration. Nevertheless, the scholar is more interested in the thinking process rather than in the outcome of the problem.

The paper also addresses the role of books in providing past experiences. For example it is noted that books influence human minds and their theories are noble as they are the best example of influence of the past. So, books are of great importance for scholar.

The scholar is a man of genius as his philosophical consideration offer interesting and original interpretations of the worlds around us. Further, the author defines our contemporary world as the world of introversion as people are too critical and embarrassed with second-sort thoughts. People are infected with Hamlet’s unhappiness, the author assumes.

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