The Ancestry of Man

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the evolution of man up until modern man.

An examination of the evolution of man from the earliest Australopithecus through to the three branches of the “family tree” to the dead end species of neanderthalensis and finally to modern homo sapiens. Anatomically modern man did not just spring up from nowhere, he comes from a long line of hominids that extends back many millions of years. The author discusses evidence such as tool types including social structures and the development of language.
“Other diverse aspects that mark differences between the Australopithecines and Homo habilis are possible social organizations and the aspect of communication through language, however these diverse changes were still beginning and therefore were not as organized or developed as compared to those of Homo sapiens.
The Homo Erectus followed the Handy man it can be seen by the later too types and development of this hominid that new ideas and understandings were being developed which leads archaeologists to realize that as with the evolutionary changes to physiology and skeletal frames the brain case was changing and developing the human mind.”

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