“The Anxiety Cure” by Dr. Archibald Hart Essay Sample

The book titled “The Anxiety Cure” by Dr. Archibald Hart serves as a self-help book to assist cover with emphasis. anxiousness. and panic in grownups. striplings. and kids. Hart seeks to inform reader about causes. bar. and ways to get by with anxiousness. Hart offers techniques to assist reshape behaviour that is caused by emphasis by presenting methods of speculation and repose to assist people live a healthy life. Hart uses God and His word as the ultimate authorization when it comes to happening the anxiousness remedy. and makes certain to integrate the religious facet into his instruction. Hart uses a multitasking technique when it comes to the anxiousness remedy because he offers the religious. psychological. and theological position when it comes to the healing procedure.

Hart refers to anxiety as being “a disease of stress” that in bend can take to physical and emotional unwellness such as: terror onslaughts. posttraumatic emphasis upset. and obsessional compulsive upset among many other. So how does one become dying or have anxiety? As Hart put it. “ ( people are ) designed for life at camel velocity. but we’re racing like chetah! ” ( Hart 1999 ) . intending that as people we are traveling through life as such a fast-pace and because we take on so many duties it has causes us to go dying. which leads to emphasize. Hart goes on to explicate about the brain’s interior workings. how one’s organic structure responds to emphasize. and how the thought procedure can lend to anxiety. Hart explains how anxiousness can do jobs within the encephalon. due to the absence of neurotransmitters. which he refers to as the “happy messengers” . The balance between happy. which is due to the GABA and sad. Cortisol. is determined by the degrees of emphasis which 1 is sing that causes a chemical instability that in bends allow anxiousness to take over one’s head. organic structure. and spirit.

Hart offers constructs to assist assistance overstressed people. one being to make repose throughout life in the thick of an dying universe. Hart believes that our organic structures have natural tranquillizers and through relaxation. remainder. and mediation. people can utilize those tranquillizers to assist quiet and hush oneself. Harmonizing to Hart. in order to be free from emphasis and all the symptoms it can do. the right medicine must be used. there should be a diminution in emphasis. and a alteration in one’s thought and life style. and most significantly relaxation should be learned. In the text Hart. Teachs readers how to chew over to heighten natural tranquillizers and regain laughter. remainder. and relaxation and happen a positive mentality on life. He besides teaches Sabbath remainder and how life’s intent can be found through speculation. Strengths and Weakness

I felt that Hart did a great occupation when it came to assisting the readers to get by with anxiousness and acknowledge the marks of anxiousness. I like how Hart encourage readers to happen self-motivation and self-denial. and how he took the attack that the true remedy comes from oneself and from the Lord. Besides. I liked how Hart’s theory tantrum in with Hawkins circles. which were ( in my sentiment ) the Temporal. Body. Soul and God. It fit with the temporal circle because he focused on how we need to protect and concentrate on oneself to happen healing ; organic structure and psyche when he talks about chew overing to heighten the natural tranquillizers that will assist avoid anxiousness ; God because he used God as the authorization to truly happen true mending through Christ and the peace within our psyche. I besides. like the techniques and charts and illustrations he used throughout the book to truly assist readers derive cognition on how to decently utilize these methods.

Equally far as. failing go. I truly didn’t see any because the book posed to be more of a self-help book so when it comes to self-help it is more of a give and take. So as a reader. I took what I thought applied more to what I believe and have witnessed. Application

I found this text to be really interesting. although. I must state it was non one of my favourites when it came to the texts read prior. but I found it to be a great usher to assisting people trade with anxiousness. Reading the text I found out some things about myself because I am frequently really stressed out. and at clip I don’t know if I am traveling to do it. but reading the text showed me that I need to decelerate down and take it one twenty-four hours at a clip. I besides. like how the writer said that panic onslaughts or anxiousness onslaughts can be a “blessing in disguise” ( Hart 1999 ) because it shows you that you are traveling excessively fast and taking on excessively much and need to decelerate down. As a hereafter counsellor. although this may non be the first book I would travel to. I am certain to hold it in my archives because I excessively believe. as Hart. that sometimes medicine is non ever what is traveling to bring around person. it takes God and a self-control knowing that you are willing to make whatever it takes to acquire yourself back in order. and as a Christian counsellor I will do it my mission to take them closer to God so they can happen mending through Him.


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