The Art of Journalism

4 April 2015
This paper discusses whether or not journalism is objective, and the effects it has on our society.

This paper argues that journalism, and the journalists who work in this field are unable to report a story fairly, without bias. The author uses examples of sensational stories that were reported in the media, and then found to be untrue. This paper also looks at the different types of journalism, including newspapers, television, and the internet in order to support the assertion of bias.
“Objective journalism and fair reporting go hand in hand. They both involve ethics, but I view fair reporting slightly differently from objective journalism. While objective journalism is more concerned with the prevention of a reporter taking a side in the argument of his/her commentary, I think fair reporting addresses the notion that a journalist should not stretch the truth or present false information in a printed or spoken statement.

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A biased account is tolerable, but there is no excuse for journalists incorporating lies into their work.”

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