The Artist And The Art Essay Research

7 July 2017

The Artist And The Art Essay, Research Paper

The Artist and the Art

The history of art day of the months back to antediluvian times. Artwork can be, and was, found around the universe. What makes art interesting is that it can be created in any manner, form or signifier with any stuffs. It seems that the graphics can besides state us a batch about the creative person. Art seems to be merely, a direct, ocular contemplation of the creative person s life. Therefore, one can presume that an creative person s life experiences and beliefs straight influence their art. If we look at illustrations from different periods of art we will be able to see the connexion between the creative person and the art.

One of the earliest illustrations of beliefs and tradition impacting art can be seen in Ancient art. The ancient Egyptians had a strong belief in life.

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On the other manus, they besides had greater religion in the hereafter. They believed that a dead organic structure should hold been preserved every bit expeditiously as possible. This is due to the fact that they believed the spirit, or Ka, would return to the organic structure in which it came from, from clip to clip. In continuing the organic structure, they had to take the internal variety meats so that they wouldn t deteriorate inside the organic structure. This is where art influenced by beliefs can be seen. The four Canopic Jars, which are considered art, were reserved for the map of keeping the internal variety meats. They day of the month back to 1070 to 712 BC. Each jar represented a different species. They were a human, baboon, falcon and Canis aureus. They were besides known as the Four Sons of Horus. This is an illustration of beliefs act uponing art, nevertheless, there are besides illustrations of how life experiences can act upon art.

An early illustration of art influenced by the creative person s experiences can be observed in the High Renaissance. In April 1508, Julius II summoned Michelangelo back to Rome, but he was still non able to get down on the apostolic grave. In fact Julius II had a new occupation for him. It involved painting 12 figures of apostles and some ornaments on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Buonarroti, who had ever regarded himself as a sculpturer, would now hold to larn the art of the fresco. One of the many pieces found on the ceiling is The Creation of Man which is known around the universe. In this piece we can see the spiritual connexion between the art and the creative person. Michelangelo, a devoted Christian, believed in God and hence decided to paint a image picturing the creative activity of adult male by God. However, one might differ and state that he was forced to paint these images with a Christian intension. This could be true, but it merely shows how life experiences besides straight act upon the result of a piece. If we look at periods closer to the present we can besides see other strong illustrations of the relevancy between art and the creative person.

Impressionism began during the nineteenth century. An illustration of an creative person s beliefs act uponing his art can be seen in the plants of Pierre Auguste Renoir. It is documented that he felt that art should be different from the existent universe, which can be cold and rough. He said, Why shouldn T art be pretty? and There are adequate unpleasant things in the universe. An illustration of his attitude towards art can be seen in A Girl with a Watering Can from 1876. This image can easy be interpreted as being beautiful and therefore it proves tha

t his belief of art is true. Dance at Bougival from 1883, is yet another illustration of the creative person and the inspiration for the art. By painting an attractive scene with two people dancing accompanied by express joying faces in the background we see a correlativity between his quotation marks above and this piece. Therefore, one can reason that Renoir painted largely beautiful and attractive art.

Unfortunately, for some creative persons, the world of life International Relations and Security Network T so beautiful. One of the most gifted, yet mentally sick creative persons of all clip was Vincent Van Gogh. He was besides from the nineteenth century belonging to the Postimpressionists. In order for one to analyse the art of Van Gogh, his life history should be foremost looked at. After infinite rejections from adult females, Vincent ended up in a mental refuge. During 1888 he cut of his left ear lobe, which demonstrated how down he truly was. At this clip he began to better mentally and was released January 7 of the following twelvemonth. We can see his mental energy in one of his most recognizable plants entitled Starry Night. Due to his experiences in the refuge we can detect his pent-up energy being brought out into his piece. The bright colourss in the stars are highly powerful. His quick, self-generated and energetic brushstrokes are great illustrations of his agitated mental status. These illustrations tell us a batch about the creative person in this instance. However, in other instances, the art subtly reflects the creative person s beliefs and experiences.

Mondrain s plants were those of an artistic mastermind or of a deeply repressed, lonely adult male. These were the words of critics towards De St cubic decimeter creative person Piet Mondrain. Mondrain purely used perpendicular and horizontal lines intersection at 90. angles. He besides used primary colourss with black lines and white backgrounds. By looking at his plants, one can see that Piet could hold been so, lonely and repressed. This is due to the simplistic signifiers of his art. He merely used squares and rectangles. The colourss he used were ever the same. However, it could besides turn out that he was an artistic mastermind. Alternatively of utilizing complicated forms to portray something he used simple forms that produced barely any emotion. Although Mondrain s work does non bring forth emotions in the perceiver, other creative person s work can make an surplus of emotion.

One such creative person was Andy Warhol. Warhol believed that the universe besides had an ugly side. This is when he began to make art that depicted this belief. He has created art that seems flooring and sometimes upseting. An illustration is Gun from 1981, which shows the deformed image of a pistol. The image seems to be clear and crisp doing a bold and rough world about guns in our society. The twelvemonth in which this was created besides proves that deceases involved with guns were on the rise. One can see that Warhol used images such as these to raise up a feeling interior of the perceiver.

As we see all these illustrations of art, we can see a clear significance of what the creative person was influenced by. By bring forthing a in writing image, the creative person would look to be in touch with world or mentally disturbed. In contrast, by bring forthing an passionless image, we can see that the creative person has created that on intent. Overall, by analyzing an creative person s background and history, it proves that their experiences and beliefs to act upon their art work.

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