The Assembly Line

5 May 2017

Automobiles had become a big part of our life. Instead of walking, people prefer driving. This is all because of the assembly line. The assembly line certainly changed the face of motor vehicle manufacture. There was an ever-growing demand for the car and the new technology was intended to rapidly speed up the production process. It saved the ford company a lot of time on car making, also lowered the price of the car. Before the assembly line was created, automobiles were much more expensive. But after it was created, they are as low as $260.

The creativity of the assembly line was it changed the way that how cars were made. Before the assembly line was introduced, the company was only able to produce just two to three vehicles per day, with groups of two to three men working on a vehicle. Parts were made to order by other companies. After Ford created the assembly line, building an automobile became much easier, and faster. Workers don’t need to bring the materials that are going to use, because they are going to work as a huge team, and each person of the team only needs to add few particular part onto the automobile.

Instead of go to the car themselves, the workers staying in one place, adding parts to the evolving vehicle as it moved past on the conveyor belt. Machines will bring the automobiles to the workers. Parts were also delivered to the worker by way of conveyor belt. The assembly line made it a lot of easier for workers to get familiar with their jobs, and made it faster to produce automobiles. Setting up in the Detroit suburb of Highland Park, Henry Ford made a 250-foot long moving assembly line. Each worker was assigned a specific task and would perform it over and over again as car after car rolled slowly by on the line.

The new moving assembly line meant that a new car chassis could be produced in just two man-hours, as opposed to the former schedule of 14 man-hours. In fact the new system required just three man-hours to produce a complete new car. The inventor of the assembly line- Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 the son of a wealthy farming family in Dearborn, Michigan. Young Henry was not a natural farmer. Instead he soon showed an affinity towards all things mechanical. At the age of 16 Henry left home and got his first job as an apprentice machinist.

Over the next few years he would sharpen his skills by repairing steam engines and overhauling farm tools for his father. In 1891 he joined the Edison Engineering Company. Within two years he had been appointed to the position of Chief Engineer. It was during this time that he began his experiments with the internal combustion engine. In 1896 Ford produced a prototype of the Quadra cycle. The model T, the first automobile that was produced on the assembly line, had brought American’s lives on wheels. It was produced much faster than other companies and it was a lot cheaper than other companies’ car because of the assembly line.

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