The Atlantic Charter Essay Research Paper THE

9 September 2017

The Atlantic Charter Essay, Research Paper

THE ATLANTIC CHARTER AUGUST 14.1941 The President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister, Mr. Churchill, stand foring His Majesty & # 8217 ; s Government in the United Kingdom, being met together, deem it right to do known certain common rules in the national policies of their several states on which they base their hopes for a better hereafter for the universe. First, their states seek no aggrandisement, territorial or other ; Second, they desire to see no territorial alterations that do non harmonize with the freely uttered wants of the peoples concerned ; Third, they respect the right of all peoples to take the signifier of gov- ernment under which they will populate ; and they wish to see autonomous rights and self authorities restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them ; Fourth, they will endeavour, with due regard for their existing obli- gations, to foster the enjoyment by all States, great or little, master or vanquished, of entree, on equal footings, to the trade and to the natural mater- ials of the universe which are needed for their economic prosperity ; Fifth, they desire to convey about the fullest coaction between all states

in the economic field with the object of securing, for all, impro-

ved labour criterions, economic promotion and societal security ; Sixth, after the concluding devastation of the Nazi dictatorship, they hope to see established a peace which will afford to all states the agencies of dwel- Trapa bicornis in safety within their ain boundaries, and which will afford confidence that all the work forces in all lands may populate out their lives in freedom from fright and want ; Seventh, such a peace should enable all work forces to track the high seas and oceans without hinderance ; Eighth, they believe that all of the states of the universe, for real- istic every bit good as religious grounds must come to the forsaking of the usage of force.

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Since no future peace can be maintained if land, sea or air arm- catkins continue to be employed by states which threaten, or may endanger, aggression outside of their frontiers, they believe, pending the establish- ment of a wider and lasting system of general security, that the disarma- ment of such states is indispensable. They will likewise assistance and promote all other operable step which will buoy up for peaceable peoples the oppressing load of armaments. Franklin D. Roosevelt Winston S. Churchill

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