The Atlantic System

2 February 2018

This test will be offered on Identifications-?The following terms will appear on your test in multiple choice form. Be able to identify the who/what, when, where, and the historical significance to choose the correct answer. Chapter 19 1. Driver 2. Seasoning 3.

Maroons 4. Middle Passage 5. Shanghai 6. Hausa 7. Mercantilism 8. Capitalism 9. Atlantic system 10.

Dutch West India Company Chapter 20 1 . Janissary 2. Salesman the Magnificent 3. Shiite Islam 4. Shah Baas 5. Kafka 6. Manna’s 7.

Maritime Worlds of Islam Chapter 21 1 . Tommie Hideous 2. Dainty 3. Forty-Seven Orrin incident 4. Mining and King Empires 5. Kananga 6. Macerated mission 7.

Lie Zincing 8. Serfs 9. Mining Empire 10. Peter the Great Discussion Questions Three of the following Discussion Questions will appear on Test 1 . Include supporting details in your answers. Be sure to 1. What were the pieces of the new Atlantic economy? Explain how each piece was necessary for the economy’s SUCCeSS.

Focus on the Atlantic system/ circuit here, and remember our discussion question. 2. How did the Sahara slave trade differ from the Atlantic slave trade? 3.

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Explain the economic and military crisis that led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire. How did the Ottoman Empire handle the growing European aggression, and the advancements in European naval strength during this time? Remember our discussion question. 4. Identify and discuss 2 reasons why the Outgas Shogun fell into decline and crisis.

5. The growth of the early King Empire was fueled by the desire to create an economic and demographic recovery in China. Identify 3 things the King government did to stimulate the recovery. 6. Discuss how Peter the Great attempted to reform Russia- what types of changes did he make?

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