The Awakening Essay Research Paper The suicide

The Awakening Essay, Research Paper

The self-destruction of Edna Pontellier in the novel The Awakening, written be Kate Chopin, is non an waking up but a tragic event. If one takes into consideration the emotions and hurting that Edna felt they may get down to understand what it was that drew her to her ain death in the sea. It may even go clear that Edna should non be held responsible for her actions. She was in a down emotional province and deep inside she was naming for aid. The warning marks were at that place. Some may see this stoping as her manner of crushing the system or winning but for a individual to kill themselves under no fortunes should be viewed in that mode.

At the really beginning of the novel, there is changeless mention to a caged bird. This can be considered to be a mention to the caged life that Edna leads as a married woman and female parent. Edna surely felt caged, an indefinable subjugation, which seemed to bring forth in some unfamiliar portion of her consciousness ( 1652 ) She felt like her kids had overpowered and sought to drag her into the psyche s bondage ( 1732 )

Edna was overcome with feelings of frenzied depression. Her tempers changed like the tides of the sea. There were yearss when she was really happy without cognizing why There were yearss when she was unhappy, she did non cognize why, when it did non look worth while to be glad or regretful, to be alive or dead ( 1690 ) People around Edna began to detect her altering tempers. Like Alcee Arobin who was ready at all times to subject to her tempers, which were every bit frequently sort as they were cold. ( 1705 )

It seems as though she had emotional jobs since she was a kid. Even as a kid she had lived her ain little life all within herself. ( 1657 ) Her female parent died when she was really immature. She didn Ts have really many friends as a kid. ( 1660 ) Since she was immature she had been infatuated with work forces that she couldn Ts have. A great tragedian began to stalk her imaginativeness and stir her senses. The continuity of the infatuation lent it an facet of genuineness. ( 1660 )

The sudden behavioural alterations in Edna may hold been a warning mark of jobs. Leonce was concerned when he noticed the unusual behaviour in Edna. It sometimes entered Mr. Pontellier s head to inquire if his married woman were non turning a small imbalanced mentally. ( 1690 ) He even went to talk to Doctor Mandelet about Edna s behaviour. Doctor Mandelet assured Leonce that it was a stage and it would go through if he left her entirely for a piece. The physician had a intuition that he did non state Leonce about. Is there any adult male in the instance? ( 1697 ) I hope to heaven it isn t Alcee Arobin. ( 1700 )

The deficiency of love in her life is a large subscriber to her tragic destiny. She did non get married Leonce, her hubby, out of love. Leonce considered her more like a piece of belongings than a adult female of her ain bid. He neglected her emotionally and really frequently caused her to shout. Frequently Leonce would go forth Edna entirely at the dinner tabular array and travel to the nine. She was slightly familiar with such scenes. They had frequently made her really unhappy. On a few old occasions she had been wholly deprived of any desire to complete her dinner. ( 1686 ) One clip she became so emotional she flung her marrying ring and tried to oppress it with her boot. Leonce frequently went off on concern trips for long periods at a clip go forthing Edna entirely. On her 29th birthday he was off in New York. ( 1712 ) She threw a party that twenty-four hours but no one knew it was her birthday until she announced it.

Edna is non merely missing love in her matrimony, she doesn Ts have close ties with her household. Sing Edna s male parent, she was non heartily or profoundly attached to him. Edna refused to go to her sisters marrying. Her male parent doubted if Janet would of all time talk to her once more ( 1700 )

Edna s life didn T have a healthy degree of familiarity and intimacy. Leonce and Edna were non intimate or close like a married twosome should be. In fact when she married Leonce she felt she was shuting the portals everlastingly behind her upon the kingdom of love affair and dreams. ( 1661 ) When Madame Ratignole held and caressed Edna s manus, she was non accustomed to an outward and spoken look of fondness, either in herself or in others. ( 1660 )

Edna did in fact experience some grade of familiarity in her life. Her and Robert Lebrun came progressively closer a

s the narrative goes on. When Robert left for Mexico, for the first clip she recognized afresh the symptoms of infatuation which she had felt incipiently as a kid ( 1681 ) This is the point where Edna begins to rouse. She begins to see that she can experience passion and love and that the doors to them truly haven T been closed everlastingly. When Robert left her whole being was dulled ( 1682 )

In the absence of Robert, Edna kept her senses awake when she developed an confidant relationship with Alcee Arobin. When he brought her place after their first twenty-four hours together, Edna felt highly ungratified and aroused. ( 1703 ) When he kissed her it was the first buss of her life to which her nature had truly responded. ( 1709 ) Yet, throughout her relationship with Arobin her bosom still belonged with Robert and it was he who she genuinely longed for. Alcee Arobin was perfectly nil to her. Her ideas were concerned with what Robert would believe of her act of unfaithfulness ( 1705 )

Edna made advancement on deriving her independence. She earned money through her pictures. With her ain money she moved into a little house of her ain. She even informed her hubby of her move. When Robert came back she told him I am no longer one of Mr. Pontellier s ownerships to dispose of or non. I give myself where I choose. ( 1727 )

When Edna and Robert eventually confessed their love for each other she learned that what Mademoiselle Reisz said was true. Robert truly did love her. This is the sort of love she dreamed of. We shall love each other, my Robert. We shall be everything to each other. Nothing else in the universe is of any effect. ( 1728 ) Edna Lashkar-e-Taiba Robert be everything she needed.

When Robert slipped off, it was like everything Edna had slipped off. He left her a note stating I love you. Good-by because I love you. ( 1730 ) Without Robert Edna felt that she had nil to populate for. He was a dream semen true for her.

At this point Edna entered a province of emotional daze. Edna grew swoon when she read the words. ( 1730 ) After her sleepless dark, she didn Ts have a clear head. The following twenty-four hours she went to the Lebrun s house. She was tired but otherwise acted normal. She said she would remain for dinner. She asked for a twosome of towels so she could take a good wash and even a small swim, before dinner. ( 1731 ) It does non look like she had planned her self-destruction at this point. She would non necessitate any towels if did non be after on coming out of the H2O.

She walks down to the beach. The metaphor of a bird comes back into drama. A bird with a broken wing circling disabled down, down to the H2O. ( 1732 ) It is no longer a caged bird. It is an injured bird who falls into the sea. She put her bathing suit on. Then took it off to be naked. The foaming ripples coiled like snakes about her mortise joints. ( 1732 ) Are these snakes drawing her into snake pit?

A batch of inquiries can be brought up when sing the self-destruction of Edna. Did she program to swim out so far that she wouldn Ts have the strength to swim back. Without kiping the dark before how much energy could she hold had? She told Victor she was hungry. Could hunger play a portion? The H2O was cold and that likely fatigued her. Edna began to hold audile hallucinations. The goad of the horse officer clanged as he walked across the porch. ( 1733 ) She must hold lost some consciousness as to what was traveling on at that point. Without being to the full cognizant of the state of affairs she may non hold known plenty to turn around and swim back. When she foremost learned of her ability to swim, she wanted to swim far out, where no adult female had swum earlier. ( 1668 ) Possibly she still had that urge deep down indoors her to swim far out. She would be far off from her jobs on land.

Whether planned or non, Edna s self-destruction is a calamity. I argue that she did non do this pick or did non hold a clear plenty head to aptly do the pick of self-destruction. After the emotional daze of Robert go forthing her she went down hill. If she merely had more clip to believe about it she likely would hold done things otherwise. The bird with the broken wing had no pick when it fell into the cold H2O. It could merely wing in circles with one wing. The bird in the coop didn T have a pick either. These birds symbolize Edna. Edna didn T have a pick in the state of affairs that she was faced with.

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