The Backstreet Boys

10 October 2019

I was one of the many lucky fans who attended the Backstreet Boys’ concert at the New Haven Coliseum. My friend and I went together and had a blast. We had eighth-row seats. I could not believe how close we were. Only a few minutes passed before the opening acts came out. Aaron Carter (BsB Nick’s little brother) was one of the many opening acts. He sang songs such as “Crush On You” and “Shake It.” After he was finished, S.O.A.P. and Jimmy Ray came out.With barely a minute to think, the curtain dropped and the pyrotechnics boomed. I gripped really hard on the Donald Duck stuffed animal that I had for Brian Littrell (my favorite member). Their first song, “That’s The Way I Like It,” was a fast song and got the crowd pumped up.I had one wish that night that later came true. I hoped Brian would sing my favorite song, “That’s What She Said.” Suddenly I saw him come out with a guitar. I screamed so loudly because I knew that he was going to sing it. I am one of the very few American fans who owns the CD with this song. As he sang it, tears filled my eyes. At one part in the song I saw him look into my eyes as I sang along.The rest of the night was spectacular and they sang almost all their songs, such as “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart),” and the best finale ever to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” If you can see one of their concerts, do it, because you are only a teenager once. .

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