The Band That Wouldn’t Die Essay Sample

8 August 2017

The ESPN 30 for 30 movie called “The Band That Wouldn’t Die” is about the NFL Colts traveling from Baltimore to Indianapolis. The move was done in the center of the dark and the organisation took everything to Indianapolis except the marching set uniforms. which were at the cleaners. To forestall the organisation from taking the uniforms. the set hid them in one of the set member’s family’s mausoleum. The people of Baltimore were devastated when the Colts left their town and tried to convert the NFL to convey another squad to Baltimore. The Colts Marching Band continued to play at half clip shows and parades. Finally the NFL moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. The Browns changed their name to the Ravens and the set eventually had a squad once more.

This movie was really interesting to me personally because my full life is athleticss. Every since I was three-years old I have been take parting in athleticss. sometimes multiple athleticss at a clip. When I am apart of a squad. I am to the full committed to it. My committedness can be compared to the committedness of the Colts Marching Band to the squad every bit good as the fans to the football squad. Coming from a little high school. we were non ever the best at each athletics. My junior twelvemonth during volleyball we did non win a batch of games and the fans did non back up us at all. The Baltimore Colts fans wholly supported the football squad no affair what the result of the game was. To them. the Colts squad was such a immense portion of their life that it did non count if they won or non. As an jock. holding the support for so many people makes every game that much more of import. The participants were non merely playing for themselves any longer. but instead for everyone who considered the Colts apart of their lives. I believe the support that the fans showed the squad and the set is unbelievable. There was one fan that played the Colts Fight Song every clip the squad got off the plane from an away game. was buried in a full Colts uniform. and some of the participants were his pallbearers.

The Band That Wouldn’t Die Essay Sample Essay Example

Peoples have mixed feelings about the reactions that the fans had when the Baltimore Colts squad left Baltimore and moved to Indianapolis. Personally. I understand the dedication they had to their squad. but being upset about them go forthing for 12 old ages is instead utmost. Why were they so connected to this squad and non to something else such as political relations? The clip period that they were upset merely shows how emotionally connected any fan can acquire to a squad. The squad was a immense portion of their life. In the movie. a adult male said that at school the kids would state the Pledge of Allegiance and so sing the Colts Fight Song ; the Colts were portion of their mundane modus operandi. In add-on. the category thinks that it was fly-by-night how the squad left in the center of the dark. I believe it illustrates how they were ashamed of the state of affairs and they knew it was incorrectly so they left when people would non cognize. The move from Baltimore to Indianapolis is similar to LeBron James’s move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat. Both moves were really controversial and made a batch of people angry and disquieted. We pondered the idea that maybe the people of Baltimore were angry because without the NFL squad in the town. there were non the big crowds of people coming to Baltimore that would be go toing games and conveying money into the town.

The high spots in the movie are really evident. In my sentiment there are two high spots. The first is when the NFL decided to convey the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore ; the people of Baltimore were so aroused because they eventually had a squad to replace the Colts. Additionally. I think that when the proprietor of the Cleveland Ravens asked the set president to be the Raven’s functionary set on the talk show was another high spot. After everything the set endured over the 12 old ages without a squad eventually paid off and they had a place once more. The major lowlight was when the Baltimore Colts packed all of their equipment into traveling trucks and left Baltimore in the center of the dark. One focal point of the movie was when the squad left Baltimore because without the move none of the other events in the movie would hold happened. Another focal point is when the Colts Marching Band continued to play irrespective of the fact that they no longer had a NFL squad to name their ain. They fought for what they wanted by playing in other NFL half clip shows and parades. I enjoyed listening to the interviews of people who had foremost had experiences with the move and the wake.

The Baltimore Colts traveling to Indianapolis was a controversial event. The fans and the marching set fought for 12 old ages to acquire another NFL squad to come to Baltimore. They were so dedicated to the squad and made them such a large portion of their lives. Our category believes that the move was fly-by-night on behalf of the Colts organisation because they knew that what they were traveling to make was wrong to the people of Baltimore. We besides compared the move to LeBron James go forthing the Cavaliers and playing for the Heat. There are many interesting factors this movie covers. I believe this ESPN 30 for 30 movie is a good representation of true fan and set dedication. The set ne’er gave up their battle of belonging to another football squad and they genuinely are “The Band That Wouldn’t Die. ”

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