The Banning Of

7 July 2017

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& # 8220 ; E For Ecstasy & # 8221 ; By Nicholas Saunders Essay, Research Paper

The Banning of & # 8220 ; E for Ecstasy & # 8221 ; by Nicholas Saunders

The book entitled E for Ecstasy, by Nicholas Saunders, is a book of

history, information, and narratives about the illegal drug rapture. The writer

nowadayss a huge sum of information about many facets of the drug such as the

history of the innovation of the drug, information about how the drug effects

people in different ways, positive grounds to utilize the drug, side effects and

negative grounds to utilize the drug, and an overview of how the drug has been

accepted into assorted social groups.

A cargo of this book, which was published in England in 1994, was

ceased by Australian imposts agents in the spring of 1994 and has been banned in

Australia of all time since. The prohibition on this book is presently still in topographic point and

being upheld by the Australian authorities due to the manner the book portrays the

drug rapture in a chiefly positive manner. Harmonizing to the writer of the book,

even anti-drug groups are opposed to the prohibition because they believe both sides of

the narrative should be heard.

As I read this book, at first I felt a enticement to seek ecstasy due to

the positive manner in which the drug was described. After reading farther into

the text, nevertheless, much more elaborate informatio

N about the drug is brought

4th. For illustration, the book associates use of rapture with the civilizations of

all sorts of illegal drugs. In my sentiment, the prohibition should be lifted because the

book does non merely give the positive information about this drug. While the

book does side towards the usage of the drug, it does supply all sorts of

interesting information and instruction including negative informations about the drug.

If information about drugs is kept in the dark, people will be tempted to seek

information in potentially harmful ways. If information flows freely, nevertheless,

people can normally be trusted to do smart picks.

The latest turn to this otherwise traditional narrative is that the full

text of the book is now available on the Internet, as is the text of many other

banned books. Tocopherol is for Ecstasy can be found at: hypertext transfer protocol: //

While it is dry that the citizens of Australia can now derive electronic

entree to this banned book, the more of import issue is one of the Internet & # 8217 ; s

ability to give people universe broad entree to anything. This is merely one more

illustration of electronic information fluxing into a state where it non allowed.

Because of the easiness at which banned books can now be obtained anyplace, the

hereafter of what we now know every bit banned books has been everlastingly altered.

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