The Barriers In Our Mind

5 May 2019

“The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates…” (Unknown) This quote has gotten me through the roughest parts of my life. I saw this quote at an old friend’s house when I was about eleven and based my life on it. When tried out for the basketball team; not making it was my biggest fear. I went to the tryouts but only sat on the sidelines and watched. One of the coaches seen my height and told me that I had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. I missed out on making the team, but not because of my lack of skills. The barriers that I put in my head were harder to get around then shooting the ball. I was devastated, but I also realized that sometimes I might not make the team, especially if I create the barriers in my mind.

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The year continued, and at that age I had not gotten over the fears that I created in my mind. Football season had come and yet again I had to try out for the team. My knees buckled, my head was spinning, and I was sweating without moving. I looked at all of the kids standing to my left and right and almost cried. I knew that at least 8 kids were going to be cut from something much bigger than a team; it would feel as if you are being cut from a family. I tried out, but not to my best abilities. Once again the barriers in my head kept me from doing something that I love.

From that moment on I knew that god would not make barriers if no one could get over them. I started training, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Before I knew it I was going to the gym and church daily. I figured that no person on earth could tell me that I was not good enough, or too small, or I just was not good enough. I installed in my head that if I was not good enough for something then no one was. I was in the best shape of my life, and by the time football season came again I would be ready for the worst.

I went to a small school in the country, were the kids were bigger then trucks, and the teachers did not care if you succeeded or not. I went to practice every day and competed as it was my last day outing on a helmet. The barriers that I had once put in my head were just a small obstacle course, a few cones, a wall, and me. Later that week I had made the team, but I had only made junior varsity. In my eyes this was not good enough, and I could do a lot better. I strapped on my shoulder pads, buckled my helmet, and put forth my best effort in the classroom as well as on the field. In the middle of the season the coaches said I was ready to play with the big boys, and before I knew it I was starting as a freshman.

I had come a long way from the little boy that was scared of his own shadow. I had confidence in everything that I did. I tried out for wrestling and made the team, the AAU basketball team and made that to. I then realized that I was an all-around athlete, and the obstacle course started to become smaller. “The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates.” I chose to better myself and let nothing get in my way.

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