The Battle Of Stalingrad Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

The Battle Of Stalingrad Essay, Research Paper

The Battle of Stalingrad was a really alone conflict. There were several things that

made it such a alone conflict. One of the things was that the conflict was fought in a metropolis.

The combat was street by street, block by block, and sometimes even house by house.

Another thing that made the conflict unique was how it started. The Nazi forces charged into

the metropolis with armored combat vehicles and guns firing wildly and invariably, but when they got into the metropolis they

realized that their fire was non being returned. They figured that the metropolis was deserted and

they weren & # 8217 ; t even traveling to hold to contend. Some took out mouth variety meats and others started to

dance about. Then all of the sudden Soviets appeared with guns all over the topographic point and

German military personnels began to drop similar flies as they were picked off by snipers.

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More and more

German soldiers continued to pour into the metropolis and finally the Germans leveled the

playing field, but Communist Russia had made its presence felt by the Germans and

everyone could state that a rugged conflict lay in front. These chief ground are what made the

conflict so alone compared to other conflicts in World War II.

The draw at Volgograd was besides of import in many facets. For one thing, it

was a turning point in the war on the Eastern forepart between Germa

New York and the Soviet Union.

It was here that Hitler was defeated by the Soviets and the USSR showed that it was a

military power to be reckoned with. The conflict is now thought of as the beginning of the

terminal for Hitler and his Third Reich. From this point on, the Germans were continually

pushed back due west and out of the Soviet Union. Hitler had been be aftering to divide

Communist Russia into two pieces at the metropolis named after the leader of Russia and

finally take over, but Stalin was able to halt him. Another thing that made the conflict

of import was that there was an oil field near by called he Caucasus that Hitler & # 8217 ; s troops

were seeking to take control of, this program was besides foiled, and the Germans were forced to


The USSR had signed a non-aggerssion treaty with the Nazis earlier in the war because they weren & # 8217 ; T

ready, and did non desire to, acquire invloved in the war. Hitler invaded Poland reasonably easy because of this.

That event started the War, but Hitler was happy with his district boundaries to the E, at least for a

small piece. He finally got greedy once more and decided to make a blitzkrieg to the Soviet Union. It was

successful for a piece. Then he got to Stalingrad and everything flipped on him. That was the beginning of

one of the most of import conflicts in the history of the universe.

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