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This book study trade with the Native American civilization and how a miss named Taylor got off from what was expected of her as a portion of her rural town in Pittman, Kentucky. She struggles along the manner with her old round up auto and gets every bit far West as she can. Along the manner she take attention of an abandoned kid which she found in the backseat of her auto and decides to take attention of her. She end up in a town outside Tucson and shortly makes friends which she will see household in the terminal.

Historical Context

From every bit early as the clip of the early European colonists, Native Americans have suffered

enormously. Native Americans during the clip of the early colonists where discriminated against and still are today. At the reaching of the Europeans there was an estimated one million to eighteen million Native Americans ( intending populating above Mexico ) in population. There is besides said there was about three hundred linguistic communications spoken at the clip. Anthropologists have tried to sum up? the cultural patterns and cut down the cultural complexness and they have come with 12 major cultural countries. But, material artefacts and manner of subsistence give a geographical country instead than on societal organisation or a people? s manner of life, including their household relationship. ? ( Mindel, 1998, p.382 ) The similar household constructions can be traced in about every Native American household from their basic household construction to marriage rites. Europeans introduce disease to the Native Americans. The debut about killed the entire population. Diseases like the little syphilis, rubeolas, varicella, grippe, and many other aid to the extinction of about half of the linguistic communications known today. When Europeans settle in the Native American land the rapidly tried to acculturate them by taking their land, contending them for land, and subsequently utilizing reserves to about imprison them for the outside universe because the did non desire to populate like the white adult male. Native Americans did non like the manner they were being treated. Every coevals that passes, there would be fewer and fewer Native Americans around the Americas. The Native Americans saw what the Europeans were making to their land, they wanted their old manner of life, and they wanted the Europeans to go forth.

The Europeans were relentless in their efforts to acquire rid of the Native Americas the attitude of the Europeans was felt among the Native Americans. All the Europeans wanted from the Native Americans were their land, their gold or their labour. Unfortunately for the Native Americans, the Europeans succeeded in taking everything from the Native Americans and in the terminal the Europeans did acquire it all.

Native Americans have been through a batch in America. They were the first 1s here and they still are here. But the job is that Native Americans are still treated with discourtesy. There are still a batch of bias and racism against the Native Americans. I believe that if a race could last after all the wars and disease that the Native

Americans have been faced with, they should be respected.

Summary of Book

The quandary brought Forth to Marietta ( Taylor ) in the novel The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, is that turning up in Pittman, a little rural town in Kentucky a town in which gestation was common among the young person. It was besides a town where non many people were educated and non many would desire to populate. Marietta was one who did non desire to be one of the young person mentioned because she is much smarter and better than that. She so decides to go forth her hometown shortly after high school in an old round up 1955 Volkswagen stoping up in the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. The program did turn be every bit simple as it sounded. Along the manner she acquires an Indian kid abandoned in the backseat of the auto. But the tests and obstructions along the manner create an experience that far exceeds anything possible.

Rough times. Problems that arise do a individual to believe that they are non capable of get the better ofing the obstructions of life. Taylor leans that strength in a clip of agony is an of import portion of lasting periods of adversity. The agony is easier to cover with when you have people around you that can associate to your problems and assist learn you how to get the better of them. Fiscal jobs are faced by many people and everyone can associate to it. Everybody has had those times where they need every penny that they have, except for those luckily plenty to be born into money. Taylor had to endure threw the quandary of being broke, highly broke. You can educate yourself by budgeting, but you can larn to accommodate to cover with the jobs brought away to you. Taylor did hotel cleansing, worked for her friends, and worked a fast nutrient topographic point to hold money for her and freshly acquired kid. She wants to acquire every bit far as her auto will take her, no affair how difficult it is to go on she will. Eventhough, Taylor was broke, it does non deter her to acquire side tracked from her programs to travel to Oklahoma or in the terminal as far west the auto will take her. Taylor besides learns has a lesson that most people do non hold to larn until they are older. She learns that money is non needed to be happy and that friends and household are the most of import in person? s life. Well it is safe to state that Taylor struggles in this passage but she strives to do the best of it.

The Journey to the West and muliebrity. Normally, it takes any adult female nine months to hold a kid, it took Taylor merely one twenty-four hours after a halt in Oklahoma. She had an instant birth, her function in life took a 100 and 80 grade bend, she was no longer the pupil of life she is now the a instructor of life to a kid. To be able to take on the duty of a kid shows how willing Taylor is to larn the function of maternity eventhough she was running off from it in the first topographic point. Most people given the same state of affairs would decline to accept the kid. After much thought and confusion she takes the kid in and subsequently names Turtle because she hangs on to things. Taylor has gone from populating with her female parent to being on the route by her ego to taking attention of a kid she had non expected. It seems that the route has more bumps than anticipated. Taylor eventually gets as far West as she can she settled in a little town outside Tucson where she meets two of her future friends, Lou Ann and Mattie. Through their aid Taylor feels at more at easiness because she had meet this people to whom she can associate to, particularly Lou Ann. Lou Ann and Taylor acquire along by the simple fact that both are from Kentucky and they are particular to each other because both had a kid, both were larning from each other, and both were assisting each other get on with life. In add-on, she learns that a kid worth holding because it is person to portion her love with. Later she meets a brace of Guatemalan political refugees Estevan and Esperanza who subsequently help

in a kid public assistance job refering Turtle. Finally, there is Mattie the proprietor of Jesus Is Lord Used Tires who familiarizes Taylor with town and subsequently finds out is involved in transporting refugees into the United States. Taylor shortly learns that being able to portion your jobs and your love with those that you are close to is an of import portion of life. When Taylor was on the route she was for the most portion entirely, one time she was settled and in changeless contact with Lou Anne and Mattie her jobs began to go lessen. This is non a happenstance when you are with people who you portion feelings with the same jobs you faced before bashs non look every bit difficult or complicated. Over her journey the most of import lesson that Taylor did larn was how to love and how to utilize love as a tablet and a cover from all the things that entirely would be so difficult. When Taylor is on the threshold of acquiring Turtle taken off by kid services there is no uncertainty that she is confronting a great job. But with the aid of her friends the job lessened and the weight of the job concerned the group as a household non an merely the single household member confronting it. In the terminal she keeps Turtle thanks to the aid of Estevan and Esperanza. Turtleneck might hold had to travel through societal services and possibly stop up in a group place or life with another household.

Final thought about book. Life is all about what you learn, but there is a point where you can recognize that it has been worth it. Taylor had to gone through many adversities that non many people may non see in a life-time. Once you see what she has experienced your life may look like a zephyr, so merely sit back and relax and bask life to the fullest. As Forrest Gump put it best, ? Life is a box of cocoa, you ne’er know what you? re gon na acquire? . The book makes the reader think what life would be like for Taylor if she stayed her hometown in Kentucky and had non become an adoptive female parent. Although the narrative makes you experience better since we know that her journey turned out better than expected.

Position of dominant civilization in relation to narrative

Taylor? s female parent has someway deviated her from the fate that would expect her if she stayed in her hometown. Taylor values working hard to gain money and learns the value of household through her female parent and the people that surround in the town she settled in. She is so full of assurance yet, really na? ve to the universe since she had non been exposed to the universe outside her town much. She does hold of kind like fright of work forces because of what happened between her female parent and male parent that she does non truly advert any sort of attractive force other than the fact that she finds Estevan Sweet and intelligent. She frequently worries about Turtle and admirations if she is making the right thing to better Turtle? s good being. Lou Ann is traveling against the dominant civilization by acquiring married to a Mexican who in her female parent? s mind they are about like a wild animate being that have many childs because it is their nature to make so. Mattie is portion of the dominant civilization yet, she helps Guatemalan political refugees and gives them a haven until they get on their pess. In dominant civilization eyes the forsaking of Turtle would be considered as non desiring the duty of the kid when alternatively, the female parent was protecting her from the maltreatment she was digesting.

Ideas on the novel

Some of my feeling, responses, and attitudes are written throughout the paper. Although, I do experience glad that things turned out for the best for both Taylor and Turtle. I besides feel that Taylor did hold the bravery to go forth her hometown because that is non something that everyone can make and cognize that from experience. I am one of five to go forth my small hometown ( outside of El Paso ) who right now I am one of three that has non gone back place except to see. Since the Native Americans households are so close knit merely like the Hispanics, I know she and her female parent would hold been ridiculed because one, she was go forthing the household, two, they likely said she did non care for her household, and 3rd, what in the universe is she traveling to make out at that place by herself. But, cognizing this is said about you, you feel the demand to turn out yourself to everybody and turn out them incorrectly. When you do you hold succeeded. I can non conceive of go forthing in an old auto and trusting it gets me where I need to travel that would hold been hard on a individual particularly, cognizing you are on a tight budget and to exceed it off you are given this small individual to take off when you can hardly take attention of yourself. But, I am glad she found people to environ her that were really helpful in her get downing a new life. Everybody needs person like that. It is astonishing to see lovingness, willing, and intelligent she was made out to be. Though there was times were I thought Taylor was merely a spot to na? ve and lovingness that she did non notice things. I can besides associate to Lou Ann in some uneven manner? I am traveling to acquire married outside my civilization and eventhough I have non heard any bad remarks about I can sometimes see when we clash culturally and it can do a universe of difference. My fianc? is American and of class, I am Latino we both are close to our households yet, the manner we were raised causes jobs between us. We can state it does non do jobs but, it does and things can be uncomfortable. My parents worry that his household has a bias against Hispanic and frailty versa but, I think it is merely natural to hold a spot of intuition of each other. Mattie I like merely because she is contending for what she believes in and in some eldritch sort of manner she is recommending for the rights of others. I think she would hold been a good societal worker. In all the novel was good even though I got a spot world-weary with it at times.

Deductions for Social Work

We must hold an apprehension of the Native American civilizations and their historical background in order to work efficaciously with the client to do certain their demands are met. The demands to be met are the civilization, value system, communicating manner, instruction degrees, household construction, rites, and resources available for this peculiar group of people. A good starting point is to cognize how communicate and cognize what to pass on to the Native Americans. For illustration, do non speak about your achievements because it is considered to be ill-mannered. Their kids are non raised to be competitory and merely populate on what is needed, they have no demands for a batch of material goods. Time is non an issue so they will come in late because they are in no haste. Their faith is ever with them, all facets of life are touched by spiritualty, and you must accept things the manner they are. To handle the client you must go cognizant of the multigenerational break of positive development because there are non many Native American function theoretical accounts. Acknowledge there is subjugation in their history and they may necessitate to sorrow over the lose of their folk, linguistic communication, and other things of import to them by learning them get bying schemes.

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