The Bear by William Falkner

4 April 2015
An in-depth examination of this American writer’s work and the suggestion that it represents true romantic American fiction.

In this paper the author closely examines Falkners, The Bear. He suggests that it exhibits such values as the importance of nature in an individual’s proving of him or herself and the importance of individual self-realization. The author contends that the book has a characteristic narrative style of a sparse and colloquial tone, meant to convey a reality of thought and expression, and consequently is the progeny of all the previous authors in the American Romantic tradition.
From the paper:

“How could a story about a bear be a romantic tale, a reader might be tempted to ask upon hearing William Faulkner’s short story The Bear characterized as a work of classic American Romantic fiction. Perhaps it is, a kind of romance between a boy and the woods, between man and nature in man’s determination to prove himself both worthy of the natural world, part of the natural world, and also master of it.”

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