The Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science

“The Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds ofScience” shouldn’t be confused with a greatest hits album.

Although it does contain many of their best songs, it’s more of an audio timeline of the band. This collection defines the group and how they got to be wherethey are.

The two-disc album contains some of their early punk songsreminiscent of the New York hard-core bands of the late ?s and early ?s. Italso contains their textbook, old-school hip-hop sound that originated in NewYork in the early ?s. This sound is present on “Slow and Low,””Brass Monkey” and the band’s anthem, “Fight for your Right.”

My favorite on the album is “Three MCs and One DJ,” which wasrecorded in one take with Mix Master Mike on the turntables and Mike D, Adrockand MCA rapping. This song is hip-hop boiled down to its purest form. Anothergreat track is Fatboy Slim’s remix of “Body Movin’.” He brings a technofeel to the song by remixing it like no one else could.

This albumillustrates how the Beastie Boys were doing the whole rock/rap fusion nearly adecade before Limp Bizket and Korn came along. With songs like”Sabotage,” “So What’cha Want” and “RemoteControl,” the band shows off their musical skills.

Overall, this is agreat album and a must-have for any Beastie Boys fan.

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