The Beatles – 1

8 August 2019

Oldies? Sure, every song on “1” was writtenover 30 years ago. The Beatles’ music has managed to stay popular, however, and”1″ itself was a number-one selling album for weeks. John, Paul, Georgeand Ringo were the leaders of a music revolution, and are now sparking newinterest.

Although the Beatles are cherished by our parents’ generation, Iguarantee anyone will love them. They are the most talented, ingenious singers,songwriters and musicians of the twentieth century. Their music isgreat!

There are 27 songs on this collection that reached the number onespot on Billboard charts between the years 1962 and 1970. From “Love MeDo,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and”Help,” the CD continues through the ?s with “YellowSubmarine” and “Come Together.”

When I purchased”1,” I was surprised to learn that I had heard nearly every songbefore. There were very few I did not know from the radio, movies and evencommercials. In addition, it is extremely rare to find an album where every trackis worth listening to.

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This CD has practically turned me into a Beatlesfanatic! Now I can relate to the screaming girls you see in those black and whitephotographs. Just buy this CD and I guarantee you will love it. It’s timeless!

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