The Beatles

7 July 2019

The world of music has taken a wonderful upturn. On September 9, 2009, The Beatles, one of the most highly acclaimed rock and roll groups of all time, released their newly digitally remastered catalog. This can only be described as a gift for the ears. All of the timeless classics have been edited, almost remade, by the industry’s best audio engineers, and it shows in the crystal-clear instrumentals and perfectly balanced vocals.

So what is actually new about these CDs? First, the sound has been greatly improved with nearly three decades of technological advances. Every album comes with a booklet featuring pictures of The Beatles, either from the recording sessions, or in landscapes related to the songs. Also, if you purchase the digital version, the CD includes a small video describing the recording process. This catalog is something fans have been craving since 1987, when The Beatles albums were haphazardly transferred from their original vinyl format to CD.

The Beatles Essay Example

I’d like to highlight the better tracks from various albums. From “Abbey Road” (1969), “Come Together” seems to have an overall increase in power, and the 16-minute medley is clearer and reveals a deep and intricate map of sounds ­unavailable until now. On “The White Album” (1968), “Back in the USSR” and “Helter Skelter” are intensified, giving the songs a fuller, more complete sound.

I recommend purchasing the remastered catalog. In fact, get the entire box set and treat yourself to the musical sensation that only this century’s technology could offer. All the albums are sure to please anyone from the most acclaimed critic to the casual listener.

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