The Beatles – Revolver

After having previously bought a couple of The Beatle’s earlier albums, I was itching to buy another, so I purchased “Revolver’, first released in 1966. After reading positive reviews I had high hopes for the album, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Since the album was released when The Beatles were beginning to experiment more with their music, you can expect to see some of their more “out there’ tracks, straying from classic pop hits such as “She Loves You’ and “I Want To Hold Your Hand’, and making the transition to John Lennon’s psychedelic masterpieces such as “Tomorrow Never Knows’, and “I’m Only Sleeping’, but also featuring “Yellow Submarine’, the childlike song with Ringo Starr on lead vocals, by Paul McCartney, and another one of his contributions; the poignant ballad “For No One’. However, let’s not forget George Harrison’s role, on this album he was able to display his growing stature as a talented songwriter with the melodic “I Want To Tell You’, and the heavily Indian – influenced “Love You To’.

A personal favourite on the album is “And Your Bird Can Sing’, a biting rocker by John Lennon, notable for it’s dual – harmony guitar riff, however described by him as “one of my throwaways’, although I honestly cannot see why. However it’s unfair to single out just one song, overlooking the others, spanning a variety of different musical genres, displaying that The Beatles are as versatile as they are innovative.

This album helps to define why The Beatles are seen as one of the most influential bands of all time, helping to shape music for the future, even the most cynical Beatle – hater cannot deny that. So, is it the best Beatles album of all time, well it’s certainly one of my favourites, but why don’t you have a listen for yourself and find out?

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