The Beaver Movie Review Paper

10 October 2016

The general public is often confused about the difference between feeling sad and feeling depressed. The film views the topic of depression outside the boundaries of the typical clinical definition. In this film the character suffering from depression portrays symptoms of mania with an elevated and expansive mood throughout the film. This portrayal misinforms the viewer regarding the characteristics of depression. They are led to believe symptoms of depression are as severe as the symptoms of a person experiencing mania. This misconception could lead the general public into viewing depression more negatively.

As a result of the incongruence between the film and the actual manifestations experienced by a person diagnosed with depression, the film perpetuates the negative stigma of depression. Informs Nursing Practice Mood disorders are prevalent among patients in the healthcare field and nurses must be aware of the common symptoms associated with these disorders in order to better care for patients. Depression, as defined in Townsend (2009), is β€œAn alteration in mood that is expressed by feelings of sadness, despair, and pessimism.

There is a loss of interest in usual activities and changes in appetite and sleep patterns are common” (p. 520). Although this film does not correctly recognize the true definition of depression, it brings about the reality that mood disorders can be life altering for all parties involved and that treatment should be sought in order to control the symptoms and their manifestations. Oftentimes, these patients are in a state of desperation, and although their disease is not tangible, it is life threatening in some cases.

As a nurse, when caring for a patient suffering from depression interventions must be directed towards helping and educating the patient and family about the signs and symptoms of depression. Additionally, patients must be taught coping skills and strategies to address and prevent the onset of depression. The prompt intervention by patient and family will ensure appropriate treatment to avoid further patient decline. Film Portrayal of Depression This film appears to portray depression inaccurately. In this film, Walter is portrayed as a profoundly depressed man on the brink of suicide.

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