The Behavior Of Humans Demonstrates That They Are The Most Intelligent Species Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Preferable linguistic communication manner: English ( U. K. ) . Explore the subject `using behavioural examples` from the carnal land to warrant your sentiment. Show your thesis and development in the signifier of an 800 word essay that includes at least eight ( 8 ) direct quotation marks. from a assortment of beginnings. Note that your sentiment must be supported by relevant grounds gathered through research.

Human existences have evolved from the Chimpanzee species about 5 million old ages ago. Man may hold much inferior physical capablenesss to several animate beings including carnivores. but there have been cases in which human intelligence have been able to outpace the physical capablenesss of several animate beings. and in this manner survive for longer periods on Earth. Ian Tattershall feels that intelligence has been able to divide adult male from other primate species including Pan troglodytes. Surveies have demonstrated that worlds have possessed superior intelligence since about 40. 000 to 10. 000 old ages ago ( as they were capable to building shelters and were able to utilize tools ) .

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The Behavior Of Humans Demonstrates That They Are The Most Intelligent Species Essay Sample
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Harmonizing to the New Scientist traits. worlds have 6 alone traits that may non be present to such edification in animate beings. These include civilization. head reading. tool usage. morality. emotions and personality. harmonizing to Kate Douglas. To a certain extent animate beings do hold all these 6 unique traits. Human societies have developed complex civilization constructions. which are besides present in animate beings to a simple extent. Harmonizing to Douglas “Killer giants. for illustration. fall into two distinguishable groups. occupants and transients” . Worlds are capable of head reading and this is due to the complex cognitive constructions present. Douglas considers “Experiments in the 1990s indicated that great apes and some monkeys do understand misrepresentation. but that their apprehension of the heads of others is likely inexplicit instead than explicit as it is in grownup worlds. ” Humans are capable of making and utilizing complex tools. To a certain extent such tools can be created by other animate beings – “Some Pan troglodytess use stones to check nuts. others fish for white ants with blades of grass and a gorilla has been seen estimating the deepness of H2O with the equivalent of a dipstick…”

However. none of these animate beings can do and make tools in such an advanced mode as human existences. Worlds have a in deepness thought processes traveling on and are able to understand the significance of life. To certain extent certain intelligent animate beings are able to understand ethical and moral issues. Douglas says “A authoritative survey in 1964 found that hungry Macaca mulatta monkeys would non take nutrient they had been offered if making so intend that another monkey received an electric daze. ” However. the moral criterions demonstrated by human existences is more consistent than those in monkeys as they are able to understand issues better due to the cognitive high quality. Even the emotional quotient possessed by human existences is much higher than any other animate being. Douglas says “funeral rites performed by magpies suggests heartache. ” However. the emotions exhibited by human existences are really much composite. With respects to personality. Douglas considers – “It’s no surprise that animals that unrecorded under changeless menace from marauders are extra-cautious. while those that face fewer hazards appear to be more reckless” . However. the human personality is non merely intend to supply endurance. but besides to assist in societal. economic and calling development. The human head is so complex that endurance is merely a basic issue ( Kate Douglas. 2008 ) .

These cases go on to demo that the advanced intelligence possessed by worlds is non present in animate beings and the simple degree of intelligence possessed by animate beings is the get downing point from which adult male developed. This would assist to analyze the procedure by which adult male has evolved from animate beings ( Kate Douglas. 2008 ) .

BF Skinner. did a batch of research in measuring the behavior with dealingss to animate beings. He said that “Even if some new proficient find were to enable us to put up or alter the 2nd nexus straight. we should still hold to cover with those tremendous countries in which human behavior is controlled through use of the first nexus. ” In this instance. animate beings normally felt thirsty following physiological want of H2O. However. homo could show behaviors by which this impulse for thirst could be controlled. This sort of control was normally non exhibited in animate beings. and was due to human intelligence ( BF Skinner. 2005 ) .

Harmonizing to Gary Stanley Becker ( 1976 ) . he finds that “the bosom of my statement is that human behavior is non compartmentalized. sometimes based on maximising. sometimes non. sometimes motivated by stable penchants. sometimes by volatile ones… . ” . Human behavior and actions are often made based on several elements of knowledge including judgement. memory. perceptual experience. intelligence. consciousness. thought. concluding. etc. This advanced degree of knowledge is non present in animate beings. as their encephalon construction and map are comparatively simpler and less complicated compared to the human encephalon ( Gary Stanley Becker. 1976 ) .

In the site “Beyond Vegetarianism” . the differences between human intelligence and carnal intelligence is demonstrated “All our troubles. every bit good as all our possibilities have come about because the sapient encephalon overrode the last restraints. so the directivity. that replete gives to animate beings. In the carnal universe. intelligence is guided by inherent aptitude to accomplish distinct endurance needs” . On the other manus human behavior has been able to command certain inherent aptitudes. and have able to show intelligence. This intelligence has permitted adult male non merely to see endurance. but much more than that endurance. Worlds have a encephalon which is much more complex than animate being encephalon. Man is able to command. usher and modify behavior utilizing knowledge and intelligence ( Beyond Vegetarianism. 2008 ) .

Harmonizing to Matt “People are ever inquiring. “What’s the most intelligent animate being? ” When I foremost started my surveies. I was trusting to turn out. or at least happen some grounds proposing. that it might non be a human. But now I am reasonably positive that worlds are the most intelligent…” However. human behavior is much more advanced that any animate being. Matt has considered several animate beings to be in the figure two place with the sum of intelligence. These include: “*The great apes. likely a Chimpanzee or Bonobo. with Orang-utan stopping point behind ; Asiatic and African Elephants are near ; Large toothed blowers. likely Orca. Beluga. or Bottlenose mahimahi. . ” The intelligence of these animate beings can non be compared to that of worlds ( Matt. 2006 ) .

Worlds frequently find those animate beings attractive that can larn behavior. “Interestingly. when pets behave good people are likely to recognition this to their preparation methods. However. when their pets “misbehave. ” people frequently blame the animal…” Humans and animate beings frequently portion similar traits and features. However. in worlds. the extent of certain features is much more compared to animate beings frequently taking to progress behavior. Pets and other animate beings would execute certain behaviors for the interest of endurance. Some of them may be built-in and some of them may be learned. These include hibernation. migration. etc. The capacity to memorize past events is besides much less advanced in animate beings. Man can retrieve things good from the yesteryear. However. this feature is non present in to such a high extent in animate beings. This has boosted the intelligence degrees and the ability to do opinions in adult male. Surveies have besides shown environmental alterations. acquisition and past experiences can modify future behavior and this ability to modify behavior is affected by similar factors in adult male ( AAS. 2008 ) .

Through these cases in comparing to animate beings. it has clearly been found that human head is far more complex than any other animate being and has the most intelligence. This has made human believe much more than mere endurance. A human being would believe much beyond mere fulfillment of their basic demands. Human intelligence is such that it would non be satisfied with what we have. We think of acquiring more and more. including the unattainable. On the other manus. it may be found that animate beings are satisfied with mere endurance and run intoing with their basic demands.


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