The Benefits of Gambling

4 April 2015
This paper outlines the benefits of responsible gambling and concludes that these benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

This paper addresses the benefits of responsible gambling. These benefits include generation of revenue for state governments and local communities, relief in economically recessed communities, and as a form of entertainment. The paper also includes a history of gambling and explains how it is a social activity. The paper disproves that it is an addiction similar to a drug addiction and shows how the problems of gambling are overstated.
” “Play not for gain, but sport; who plays for more than he can lose with pleasure stakes his heart.” This quote by George Herbert defines the limits of gambling responsibly. Gambling, throughout history, has been viewed as immoral due to its supposedly addictive nature. Despite this immorality, gambling has proven to be an effective way to raise funds for deserving causes. Responsible gambling offers advantages, which outweigh its socially undesirable nature.

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These advantages include benefits to state governments and local communities, popularity as a form of entertainment, and a non-addicting source for recreation.”

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