The Benefits of Studying Abroad

3 March 2017

Nowadays, studying abroad has become popular. Every year, lots of parents are trying their best to send their children overseas to complete their studying. Most people may think that it is better to further their studies in overseas country than in their own country. As an international student to study in NTNU, I definitely agree that there are many benefits of studying abroad. First of all, we can learn new knowledge about another culture and improve our skills of using a second language, by daily interaction with local people. You can meet new friends of different countries and learn different customs from them.

It is definitely the best way to gain foreign experiences and language during overseas studying. Secondly, the learning atmosphere and resources are better in foreign countries. On the other hand, teaching methods and systems in other places are different, and this may provide students a better environment to study. You can also learn advanced knowledge when studying overseas since foreign countries are more progress. Last but not least, you can learn to be an independent person. To studying abroad means that you have to leave your home.

The Benefits of Studying Abroad Essay Example

Without parents’ helping, you have to learn how to do housework and take care of yourself. This is a good training for us to be a more mature person. As a conclusion, studying overseas is definitely a good choice. It can provide us chances and great environment to study and learn new culture. The ability of self-dependence can also be improved. You can earn many experiences when studying abroad, and I can sure that you will benefit a lots. If you have hesitation to study in foreign countries, just take action and you will find that your great future is not far away!

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